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Wemark - honest photo market

Human memory isn’t boundless; therefore, to preserve knowledge and transfer it to future generations, history must be recorded. However, words can’t always contain the whole picture and the colorfulness of events. But already for almost 2 centuries, there has been a photograph that gives the opportunity to capture all the details and refresh these memories in memory or to see things that will never again happen in real life at any moment. Previously, the amount, safety, quality and even color of the photo were an important problem, but with the advent of digital media, everything has become much easier. With the advent of the Internet, photography received a new (and maybe even eternal) life. Each of us has a camera (whether it's a separate device or built-in one) making a lot of pictures so the total number of photos is growing every day at a huge pace.

A photo has become a separate art and (in addition to the camera) requires some skills, both in photography and in processing. Each author puts a piece of himself into the image, making it unique. But here there is a new problem - copyright protection. Billions of different photos are in free access, being used without the knowledge of its author. However, there are various exchanges where the author can exhibit his works and get a fee from people who use them. But this branch of the market is developing very slowly. In addition, many exchanges set prices for a photo by itself and can take up to 85% of the author's profits. Many understand – it’s wrong, but they are simply haven’t other alternatives. Young photographers have to overcome the long path to popularity even with skills and talents. It's time to update the stock photography market and make it not only more profitable but also more beneficial for buyers. How to do it?

The Wemark can solve the above problems. It’s a decentralized platform, where any professional or novice can post his photos and get a fair reward for them. Wemark takes only 15% of the cost of work for the services provided, Moreover, each photographer gets the opportunity to set a fair price by himself and even to track where and by whom his photo is being used. No intermediaries (except Wemark naturally), the seller and the buyer find each other and communicate directly. It allows you to reduce the price of the picture for the buyer, but at the same time increase the artist's profit. All this became possible thanks to the blockchain technology and its smart contracts on which this platform is built. The system is simple, transparent and very useful for any photographer, also, the referral program will allow you to get additional bonuses for each invited participant.

To start work, Wemark conducts ICO, selling its WMK tokens. These tokens are the main currency on the platform. You can replenish your balance in various ways, and the system automatically converts your funds into WMK. 135 million tokens will be created in total. On May 7, 2018, sales of 38% of tokens start at the rate of 1 WMK = $0.20, and the soft cap is only 1.5 million dollars (hard cap - $8 million). The sale stops on May 21, all unsold tokens are burned, which means you have only 2 weeks to invest in this project if it interests you.

As always, you can see the team on the official website, but I would like to note some advisers separately. Among them, Lars Perkins, the creator of the popular service Picasa and Michael C. Lesser, a representative of the well-known Shutterstock site. These people definitely know how the stock photo market works, so the probability of the project's success is very significant. The platform provides opportunities for real earnings on the art of photography for each artist. Beginning photographers get prospects; professionals get a place for reliable and honest photo sales.

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Authored by: faragly (@popeye_the_sailor)

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