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I greet you my dear readers. Today, I would like to tell you about a unique project.UniDAG (Universal Directed Acyclic Graph) is an independent project, produced and supported by different people, individual communities, trade, commercial companies and government agencies. It is based on the symbiosis of the principles of freedom, openness,directness, formality and new scientific and technological developments. The main goal of this project is progress, high - quality and improving, improving people's lives in many areas with the help of digital technologies and the latest findings. https://unidag.com/

The project UniDAG allows you to build an innovation ecosystem that supports an accelerated transaction with zero Commission, smart-contracts, accessibility for ordinary users, protection against malicious attacks based on the technology of dagana and decentralized companies. And of course, the main priority of progress is to increase scalability with the help of a special Protocol "Proof of trust". This Protocol is good because it does not require capacity or large capital.
I think that many are already familiar with the definition of Dagchain... And yet, Dagchain is a sequential and continuous chain of blocks, built in accordance with the rules of acyclic graphs. Also, DAG technology allows network members to receive transfers very quickly without commissions, as well as to implement smart contracts using a fully open ecosystem with communication in their social network. The main function of Dagchain is to preserve and protect data in its original and unchanged form. Dagchain is based on a set of frameworks and libraries that can be used both separately and in different combinations with each other. There may not be a 100% guarantee that the idea of a DAG will work better than the block chain, but I can say with confidence that the potential of Dagchain is very great! Unlike a block chain, a Dagchain takes the hash of two or more previous blocks in the hash of the subsequent block. In addition to closed blocks, Dagchein has open blocks with the possibility of making additional entries in the title. The dagchain has a write delay that controls the time that blocks are created and processed by one or more devices before they are added to the schema. The dagchain Also has a dynamic block size, which is based on the dynamically changing block size, which depends on the size of the total amount of data placed in it during the set write delay time.

The project will become an intermediary that will be able to decentralize various business processes with simple implementation of existing business models. The UniDAG platform will allow developers to create and distribute scalable, decentralized applications for public and private networks.
UniDAG designs a new architecture of the registry that addresses key scalability issues: slow speed of transactions and the increase in fees, the complexity of intellectual contract programming, security in smart contracts, the inflexibility in the management and updating of the Protocol, the lack of usability, etc. And I can give you some examples from the areas of UniDAG technology application, it will give you some idea of the possibilities of daghain: data storage, backup logs, student participation program, decentralization of existing services and programs, distribution of computing, decentralized data services, decentralized identifier (DID ), decentralized applications ( DApps), crypto-decentralized application, decentralized market, decentralized social network, etc. and these are only some examples of the wide range of possibilities and practical applications of dagana UniDAG .

Manages the network UniDAG organization or group of organizations that can own and manage the network UniDAG independently of the other members of the consortium ( Consortium UniDAG is an Association of independent commercial enterprises around the world whose work is focused on developing and supporting the project UniDAG.), each of which is an independent legally responsible person of the Association. All decisions in the network are made openly, accessible and democratically, by voting of subjects, as well as participants and users of the network.
At the moment, the platform has its own unique token – UDAG, which is already on sale. A total of 60.6 million tokens were issued. Price-1 UDAG = 0.00025 ETH, that is, for 1 ETH you can buy 4 000 udag, and from January 2019 the price for tokens will be fixed and will be 3 000 udag for 1 ETH.

Accept for payment - ETH
Token symbol - UDAG
Type of token-ERC20
Price - 1 UDAG = 0.00025 ETH
Country - Estonia

Thus, from the above, we can conclude that the UniDAG innovation project represents a new approach in the digital world, which is based on freedom, openness and formality. The main goal of the system is to improve the quality of life and progress of the system participants. UniDAG has created its own unique Dagchain platform. The main task of which is: protection of the source data; security of each user of the platform. And, as with DAGчейна it is possible to avoid the growth of commissions, get quick payment, easy transaction and contract management. Even with UniDAG you can not only join the Ecosystem, but also create your personal one using the tools presented on the platform.


Website https://unidag.com/
WhitePaper https://unidag.com/docs/en/WhitePaper-en.pdf
Telegram https://t.me/World_UniDAG
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unidagworld/
Twitter https://twitter.com/WorldUniDAG
Medium https://medium.com/unidag
Bitcointalk ANN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4516651

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