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Hello friends and subscribers. In this article i tell you about Data Broker DAO.
The project is considered to be a peer-to-peer market, allowing sensor owners to receive large profits in the form of a cryptocurrency, and to regular users to buy this IoT information on a decentralized market.
The project seeks to create a sufficiently long-term set of capabilities for information sensors and converting only bold ideas, introducing them as additional services. Thanks to this project many entrepreneurs, companies and research in all cities of the world will have new, amazing opportunities that will allow using IoT-information and create services that increase the level of our life.

The volume of the market for IoT-sensors around the world for one year amounted to more than 600 000 000 000 US dollars. This market includes: purchase, installation, maintenance of each sensor, and purchase of software in order to interpret and enrich the information. The information obtained from such investments is used by the owners of sensors or they load more information in them in order to offer more profitable commercial services that consider a certain addition.

Primary use, enrichment or additional services - it is in such situations that information from the Internet of things has a very low application rate. Due to the fact that suppliers and consumers directly interact in the project, the market is formed and stimulated, where IoT-information will be able to find a worthy use, and therefore will leave the primary use.

Every year, entrepreneurs, firms, corporations and other similar organizations spend huge sums of money to purchase and maintain IoT-sensors. The growth of investments and the number of applications online network is simply staggering. But despite this, large operating costs are able to determine the inflated entrance threshold. In addition, the information collected is well closed and can not be accessed by market participants.
Primary use, enrichment or resale - the information collected has a very low application rate, and its usefulness is minimal. All this leads to a significant deterioration of innovation and restraints on social progress.

This project, functioning due to blocking technology, will release the potential of inaccessible information with a "lowered" value, creating an integration market that will provide users with other services. MVP-model, in which payment occurs as information increases, inaccessible information, keeps authors from offering promising ideas, and relied only on investors with sufficiently powerful operational functions.
The project seeks to ensure that, at a distributed level of sales and sales, new ideas arise that allow the use of information and create additional services that improve the standard of living for each person.
DataBroker DAO is the world's first market for IoT-information. It unites every person who owns sensors, and the buyer directly. Here, communication providers are considered to be the link.

In the market of the submitted project, several parties will be cooperating in the future, which will be interested. This will also include people owning sensors, operators, people processing data, and buyers.
Operators. The main role of operators in the project is to open the gateways they use, so that the sensor owners can implement the IoT data within the project.
Processors - market participants who buy data, enrich them, resell or process for their own customers.
Buyers are market participants who buy data through the platform. The main purpose of the purchase is to use raw information, process information, enrich or resell information.
Owners. These people own IoT-sensors. Thanks to them, the information becomes available for implementation in the project.
Combining the technology of blockchain, the Internet of things is a promising direction. The permanent registry, where the information is stored, the integrity of this information, the proven way of monetizing information (conducting ICO) generated by IoT-sensor companies is the most vivid example of how the technology of blockchain is used.
Thanks to many online retailers, the project can purchase physical products online and make available the purchase of IoT-data.

Selling tokens: C 26 April to 26 May
Token designation: DTX
Type of tokens: ERC20
Price for the token: 1 DTX = 0.13 USD
Tokens for sale: 225,000,000 DTX

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