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"Akropolis" Blockchain Pensions Infrastructure. ICO LIVE.

Hello my dear subscribers and guests of my Golos blog. I invite you to pay attention to the ICO of the Akropolis project. This is a platform for retirement savings, adapted to the requirements of the modern world. Today, many people are moving away from the traditional model of work for the state. Many choose freelancing or business on the Internet.

Today's pension funds can not meet the needs of a rapidly changing world, because they are focused on stable employment and linkage to one place of residence.

The platform will rebuild the structure of interaction between people and agents in the pension sector, using blockchain technology for reporting and transparent representation of pension contributions.

Users will be able to save money for the future on their own. The platform will provide a regulatory framework for any lifestyle. The goal is to transfer responsibility for their pension contributions to the individual.

Platform participants: individual users, pension funds, pension fund managers, contribution tokenization service, development agents.
Individual users are people who make monthly contributions to pension funds.

The Pension Fund is an institutional organization, has its own platform and a catalog of individual users. Keeps retirement savings. Such organizations are subject to strict scrutiny when registering for Akropolis and regularly report on funds under their control.

Fund managers are platform participants who invest in assets on behalf of individual users.

The tokenization service is a key element of the platform. In order for the decentralized system to work effectively, all contributions will be tokenized. This is a centralized service that stores funds transferred to tokens and creates new tokens to accommodate new revenues.
Agents for development - are engaged in the creation of new services, expansion of the platform.

Technology Akropolis.
To register transactions on the platform will use smart contracts based on a flexible "Factory Model". This means that they can be optimized for new solutions, introduce new opportunities.

Oracle technology is an intermediary that checks external data and sends it to a smart contract (for example, data on financial asset feeds). They will provide users with information about the performance of funds and pricing of assets.

A web service will be created for processing requests at the base level of applications for micro services.

To ensure a high level of security, multifactor authentication and end-to-end crypto-encryption are used. As existing cryptographic security algorithms gradually become obsolete (for example, RSA and AES), and new ones appear instead (for example, Ring-LWE and Merkle Hash Trees), Akropolis will adapt.

The platform will have two tokens:
AKT is a token with a limited release, whose value depends on market fluctuations. AIT is a stable token.

Token: AKT.
The total issue: 900mln.
Hard Cap: $ 25m.

The cost of the token is 1AKT = $ 0.0690.

Author diimazavr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1080044

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