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"BANK4YOU" The last hours of the ICO. ICO LIVE.

Greetings everyone again. I hasten to inform that before the completion of the ICO from the platform Bank4You there was only one hour left. Have time to take part in the revolutionary platform.
A modern person constantly faces the problem of transferring the necessary sums of money to his relatives, acquaintances or as a payment for a service.
There are times when the required amount is needed quickly, and the banking system works with delays. If this is a transaction between different banks, the waiting time can be significantly delayed.
Modern bureaucratic realities significantly hamper the daily rhythm of life, adding a touch of chaos to the coherent mechanism of society. The issue of remittances is even more acute abroad, especially when the path lies in a country with a poorly developed network of banking institutions and ATMs. Bank4YOU is an international project that has been successfully operating since 2013. The main goal of the company is to provide comfortable online banking anywhere in the world.

Smartphones have become commonplace even in the life of older people. What can we say about the youth. Bank4YOU is a unique service that allows you to make quick financial transfers, including in the crypto currency. Want to send a bit of bitcoins or real money to a relative's smartphone? No problem! Just a minute and coins in his smartphone. No bureaucracy or paperwork. Everything is tied to saving users time.
Bank4YOU is licensed by Visa, own plastic cards and carries out free concierge services transactions. The platform of the bank is based on the Mobile Money Remittance System (MMRS). Under this abbreviation lies the technology of rapid transfer of funds around the world with the ability to convert into any currency. The currency can be displayed on a real card by using the products of a local mobile operator. The transaction procedure both inside the system and subsequent withdrawal is carried out thanks to the personal token Mobile Money Remittance (MMR).

All operations are performed in the blink of an eye with a minimum delay and commissions. Now you do not need to be tied to a particular organization or even the time of day. Safe translations have become a real find for many people who are forced to make long trips on duty. The Bank4YOU application for smartphones is available in Google and Apple services. A large-scale stage of testing for performance. Software showed itself from the best side, demonstrating excellent performance. Bank4YOU Card is a card for making payments. Allows you to pay anywhere in the world. An excellent solution for people who do not have the desire or the opportunity to open an account in a classic bank institution! Bank4YOU Card Premium is a solution for VIP clients. A wide range of services and 24-hour support are available for such users.

The main stage of the ICO began on 6/11/2017 and ends on 31/03/2018. A BFY token of the ERC20 type will be on sale on the unchanged Ethereum platform. Buy a token can be at the rate of 1 BFY = 0.21 USD. A total of 240,000,000 tokens will be available for purchase. Potential investors can expect to participate if there is only $ 100. We accept ETH, BTC. 1 BFY is equal to $ 0.21. At the stage of Pre-Sale there was a valid line of bonuses up to 20% of the starting deposit. At this stage, the bonuses are no longer valid. In the future, the project can compete with many giants of the bank transfer industry. This is the fastest-growing niche that requires new proposals. Competition creates the best service, which is good for the end customer. Modern technologies and long-term experience make the Bank4YOU project an excellent object for long-term and successful investment with further benefit extraction.


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