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BankEx. Tomorrow will start ICO.

“Banks are old” – these are the words of BANKEX CEO and founder Igor Khmel. His belief is that the days when banks were the pinnacle of business are long gone. Actually, knowing how the banks operate, it’s rather surprising that they’re still around.They let us down so many times in the past. We’re not just talking about the economic crisis, but about the problems that the banks cause to the general public on a daily basis. For example, many banks are suspected of manipulating the figures, as their systems lack transparency.They also often fail to warn the clients about the dangers of inflation, which can erode the value of cash, not to mention that their fees are in most cases unreasonably high. Because all of this, people all over the world have started looking for alternatives.

The Alternative

Knowing all the downsides of traditional banks, the question is why do people still put their trust in them. Well, unfortunately not many people are aware that there is an alternative. We’re talking about the use of the blockchain technology.This technology is the core of the process of tokenization. Basically, the blockchain technology ensures that the token emission is done properly. The main advantage of this process is not that it’s much faster than traditional securitization but the fact that it’s much cheaper.That is why it is not a surprise that in the last couple of years, this type of technology has been getting a lot of attention. It seems that everyone realizes that it works. Now seems the right time to get in on the action. If you want our advice - say goodbye to traditional banks and welcome the Bankex system.

What Is BANKEX Actually?

In today’s business climate, financial markets are changing at the speed of light. That is why the people behind BANKEX had decided to develop technologies that will curb down those changes. As a result of their efforts, BANKEX was created, one of the world’s first Bank-as-a-Service systems based on the blockchain.By developing the proprietary Proof-of-asset-Protocol, BANKEX was able to provide additional transparency to the assets. This protocol allows the owners of the asset to trade them as they would do with other types of digital products.

Proof-Of-Asset Protocol Explained

Since it was established a few years ago, BANKEX quickly got in the spotlight. The main reason behind its popularity is the Proof-of-Asset protocol. BANKEX developed it as an additional layer between the assets and the blockchain, thus adding to the transparency of the whole process.In layman’s terms, this means that the asset owners will have a complete control over the asset liquidity issue. Every token issued as a part of the Proof-of-Asset protocol is backed by a real asset, which is at all times tracked by the system.




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