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"BankEx" Open Asset Foundation is an investment in the future and a reasonable investment. ICO LIVE.

Good evening dear friends, subscribers and random guests of my Golos blog. I would like to tell you about a promising and reliable financial platform, called BankEx.
BankEx is a relatively new and young company that specializes in trading and tokening of tangible and financial assets. Its activities are based on the digitization of assets through smart contracts based on block technologies.
In other words, the BankEx Open Asset Foundation is an investment in the future and a reasonable investment. Since the crypto-currencies are firmly entrenched in modern society, to be at the forefront of technology blocking is considered the company's paramount task. This promises an unprecedented reliability and security of transactions and the storage of digital currency.

Bankex is a know-how, financed by Fintech, which is a crypto-currency bank based on blocking technologies. Bankex provides opportunities to create assets and contracts of the latest generation, which are called capital markets and use PoA-type protocols in their activities. This technology provides information on the financial plan in online mode and directly pouring inside the block chain. At the same time, it satisfies the demand for real assets, bypassing the administrative procedures typical for the classical stock market.

Liquidity is the convertibility of an asset into money, the ability to be quickly sold at a market price. Higher liquidity simplifies the sale / purchase of the asset, and also allows you to disclose the value of assets.

Tokenization is different from digitalization:

  • Digitalization - they made a description of the asset and published it.
  • Tokenization - made a description of the asset, validated by the oracles, calculated the value of the asset, conducted an automatic audit, calculated the cash flows based on its value, conducted SmartDeal.

The primary objective of BankEx is to create a site where tokenize traditional currency or resources with a prospect for future sales. For example, you can bring a mine with minerals. Suppose the owner of a mine with gold wants to attract investment in the mining of precious metal. With the help of a satellite and modern Internet technologies, a primary evaluation of the fossil deposits is carried out. After collecting data on the duration and complexity of gold mining, information about the enterprise falls into a "smart contract", where, based on formulas, the volume of deposits and their price in a particular field are determined. All this is combined in goldtoken and is formed into bid for further placement on the stock exchange. The new site will be a direct financial tool.

According to BankEx, the platform itself and tokens will be a secured currency asset. A greater number of participants will strengthen the position of the young finteh-platform in the future.


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