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"Goal Bonanza" The last days of crowdsale. ICO LIVE.

Sports events are very popular among a huge number of people and that is why it is very popular to bet on various outcomes of football meetings. Perhaps the most popular sport in which a huge amount of money is concentrated is football. Only football players receive million-dollar salaries, which are not always comparable with the incomes of various event speculators on the results of their games.

Sports betting is a very popular type of gambling, where anyone can bet on the outcome of a sports meeting and in case of their victory get a reward. There are many sports disciplines for gambling, but football is the most profitable sport for betting. Football has many generations of leading positions in sports disciplines and attracts the largest number of viewers from all over the world.

According to statistics, every adult male ever bet on a different sporting event. The sports forecasting market is very popular in Europe, North America and Asia. The Asian market is considered to be the largest in the world by financial standards.

Goal Bonanza has some elements of the lottery, as well as ordinary bookmakers, so consider them. During the lottery there is a sale of a huge number of tickets and only a small part of them will be able to get at least a small win. Each single ticket has a low probability of drop-out - one in a million at the best.

Goal Bonanza is a unique decentralized solution based on the ERC20 standard of the terrestrial network, where players need to bet on various football events. In case of correct forecasts, players are rewarded. The principle of the game is similar to the work of ordinary bookmaking games, but there are significant differences in the organization of the process.

Simplicity of games. In order to start making bets, you do not need to provide information about your personality. In order to start making bets, players only need to purchase game tokens Goal. It is these tokens that make bets. Platform tokens have exchange value, which is set by the market.

The player has a choice of 10 options for betting on every sporting event from the world of football. The platform team will select approximately 200 of the most interesting matches every week, which will be represented by different leagues.

Goal Bonanza has an advantage in conservative types of services in front of bookmakers and lotteries, as it is more predictable and affordable. From the presented ten variants it is very easy to choose the most probable variants, and the simplicity of access to the platform will allow to attract a lot of newcomers and professionals in the shortest possible time.

At the moment the application is already available, in it the name of the leagues does not correspond to the commands presented in it, but within a few months such deficiencies will be corrected.

The application of the platform requires further development, but it is already very convenient and informative. In order to start the development of your profile in Goal Bonanza, only 10 USD is enough, or 300 rubles. But unlike usual bookmakers in Goal Bonanza there is an opportunity to win a more substantial amount, combining conventional BC and Goal Bonanza can reduce risks and get a bigger wagering. And to compare with the lottery is completely meaningless, since ten quite predictable options against incomprehensible figures out of competition.


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