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Probably the 21st century world will be remembered as the time of openness of politics and freedom of information. Currently, any person is free to express their own thoughts on the topic of interest.

This behavior leads to dislike of a certain group of people, although it has more benefits. Since ancient times, people shared stories about materials, activities, wardrobe and so on. Up to the present time, information has not so significantly expanded in geographical space.
Now a person trusts the opinion of a completely unfamiliar person.

What is the system for Rateonium?
This technology of information transfer already takes place in the current world, but it has several shortcomings. But there is a project Rateonium, which helps to eliminate any shortcomings without problems. Let's take a look at the details.

The Rateonium platform is based on the blockchain technique. This system includes: a list of institutions that work with the site, placement from the client, a short story about each, a discussion and the level of the best of the institutions. Also on the site there is a concept of bonuses - a refund of money for more active subscribers.

Imagine that you have come to a city that you know little about. Wanted to eat, but do not meet on the streets suitable cafes or canteens. The first plus of the Rateonium platform is that you can easily find information about similar institutions located near you.

Initially, you may think that there are no special additions to this program. Applications with similar functions are many now. Do not rush, look at the advanced features.

The list of the quality of institutions you will immediately see, it is not required to search. Analyze the opinions of people who have already visited these places. Now you can go to the liked bar or cafe and have lunch. When paying for lunch, Rateonium gives you a bonus in the form of digital shares Rateonium (RTO).

How much spent in the restaurant, so many tokens received in return. For example, your account was 50 euros. In this case, you get a refund of 500 Rateonium token.

After a visit to a restaurant or cafe, you can leave an opinion about the establishment. This is possible after the approval of registration. The reviews are encrypted for the best client security. Shipped in random order.
It's nice to note the work of like-minded people and the creators of the program. All employees listed on the site receive information and develop skills around the world.

For example, the director for technical work Kai Cilingiroglu is an authorized person from Germany. Interesting is his genius and responsible attitude to work. He is an expert of the highest level of IT-programs. This is noticeable in the performance of departments that are under his leadership.

The main contributor and companion of the organization is Djevad Lakota. He graduated from the University of Manchester with honors in technical sciences. Achieved high results in this area. For more than two years, he has been investing money in the Rateonium platform, as he does not doubt that development and success are expected in the future.

The payment card provides security for the storage of shares. Tasks that change the behavior of the customer's payment option (various transactions, exchange or receipt of bonuses) are confirmed by a personal QR code on the plastic.

Simple necessary user actions: run the program, write your password and do a scan of the QR code. Before sending feedback, the customer must make sure the purchase is made. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the service in certain places. Therefore, the Rateonium card must be scanned in the cash register.

There are two types of payment devices on the site. Both are designed by Rateonium to ensure that there is no random deviation of the market.
Payment tools Ratec and Rateonium electronic days. Each client can change them for any kind of digital currency.

Whether the Rateonium team can become the leader among opponents as a result of professional actions, get high positions in the market due to the large number of functions of the site and a sufficient distribution area, it will be revealed in the future. Currently, the company is proud of the presence of superiority in important parameters.

The Rateonium platform is a "lifebuoy" for tourists and ordinary owners of electronic equipment, needed at home and on the road.

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