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Module – Cryptoeconomic ecosystem on a cloud storage network

Cryptocurrencies are developing each day, but the cases of use them in our life are few. The more capital you have, you can have a bigger influence on the market and possess cryptocurrencies. And as a result of this, blockchain become in nowadays centralized. The main goal of Module is to take cryptocurrencies to a mainstream level and to make them true decentralized. For this, they have developed a new algorithm that is based on space-timetransaction.

About Module

Module team found the solution for power consumption and cryptocurrency centralization by using the mobile devices. This is also an explanation why did team have chose the mobile devices. It is the new future for mining, user will be able to participate in it using its phone or tablet.
By using your phone for mining, you can get special prizes based on capacity of your free storage, space and transaction type, etc. This platform has a great prospects in becoming a providing platform for distributing application services.

Module is using an innovative transaction algorithm for approval. New platform allows everyone to participate in mining, still if you’re using your phone. User will have on platform the ability for building DApps, or to release new currencies.

There are a lot of unused GB all around the world. Module platform wants to use all this storages and at the same time, to become a friendly platform by consumption of all unused memory. For this, the PCSN technology will be used. It will allow user to transfer data to each other without the need to send data’s to any third party storage service. Also, using this technology, the problem with losing data when transferring it like in the traditional services of storage data will be solved.

Unique mining method “PoSTT” (Proof of Space, Time and Transaction)

Cloud Storage gives you a lot of storage space, but the main problem with this system is that it is trust based and very often users data are lost due the hackers attacs, which makes this system not safe.
In case with distributed storage is more safe. Data security is supported by client’s encryption, and safe of your data is supported by proof of decryption.
This is why Module team decided to use unique method “PoSTT”. It creates its own storage network with its own tokens provided by P2P. Clients will use tokens for storing and transferring data, and miners will mine tokens used for platform services.
For transferring data, user will have to pay a fee (GAS price). Why it is need? It is very simple, without paying gas, transaction can’t be proceed, and the code can’t be executed. And in this case, a hacker can insert a code which will repeat in the script. So inserting a fee for every transaction, will also help to security of PoSTT blockchain and safe of your data.
Detailed description of Module Ecosystem’s work can be found in the White Paper.

Use cases of Module App

Module is great for storage important data which can’t be distributed to others. Data is keeping in fragments stored in different places, and the information can’t be reproduced only by one fragment, there need to be a several. Already has been developed a method for secrecy documents by control of secret sharing keys in blockchain.

Modl Token


Module ecosystem will appear on market with new technologies based on blockchain. They will allow users to storage their important files without the risk to be attacked by hackers due the implementation of new idea of storage the data, keeping it in many fragments. In this way, the cloud storage becomes more safe. This article is only the personal opinion of author and not a suggestion to an investment, before investing, kindly study the White Paper.

Website: https://modltoken.io/
Whitepaper: https://modltoken.io/doc/whitepaper_en.pdf
Author BTT Account Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2237720

Thank you for your attention and till next articles!

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