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Trade Pharma—International Pharma-Centric Marketplace

Good evening Dear Followers! I’m back again near you with one interesting project. I’m telling about Trade Pharma — a multi-services platform based on Blockchain technologies provided by Artifical Intellect-driven algorithms. It will help users to make every day's transactions of medicines.

About Trade Pharma network:

First, I want to point that it will be a network platform that with the help of Blockchain and AI Technologies will be able to provide comfortable for navigation website and detailed descryption of the products because Trade Pharma is a platform that will help heathcare businesses to trade safety and transparent with pharmaceuticals. The easy to use platform have to be one the key factors for the developers.
TradePharma will implement to its network many new technologies, a few of them will be described below.

There are many counterfeit products nowadays which makes many problems in healthcare businesses. Trade Pharma aims to prevent fake products, and also, will try to:

  1. • Increase the safety of patients.
  2. • Eliminate the insurance tricks.
  3. • Secure the legitimacy by the supply chain.

By tracking each product with the help of serial number that will be written into TXP Blockchain, the process itself will become more safe and transparent. Any network will be able to connect to the TXP Blockchain and to interact between themselves.

Trade Pharma will cooperate with:

  1. • Drug Wholesalers and Importers
  2. • Hospital Dispensing Pharmacies
  3. • Drug Makers
  4. • Business Partners
  5. • Non-Profits Organizations

The interaction between them takes place in a trust surroundings and Artificial Intellect. Trade Pharma will help them to reduce the complexness and all transactions will process.

One interesting feature of Trade Pharma network is their online assistance service, which will be provided by the most effective Artificial Intellect. The advantages of such solutions are:

  1. • Very precise.
  2. • If confuses happened, it will ask to clarify the situation.
  3. • Speaks all languages.
  4. • Learns new skills.

3D Printing:

Due the last results of 3D-printed of drugs prescription, we can say that this is another big player in Pharma industry. Many technologies are already implemented in this category of printing. Through them are: Selective Laser Sintering, Stereolithography and others.

The last technology presented in this article will be IoT/IIoT. It concerns many parts of Pharma industry, from stuff tracking till smart packaging. For users, Trade Pharma will provide this offers:

  1. • Extension Manufacturing Efficiency.
  2. • Tracking Products at Any Poin and in the Warehouses.
  3. • Drug Quality Tracking during Transit and Temperature Spikes Management.


Following new technologies and features, Trade Pharma will create an ecosystem that will help to interaction between all pharmaceuticals important sides, let them in this way to reduce the transaction costs and to find new distributors or makers. Any details can be found in the White Paper, which I’m requesting you to read.


Token — TXP
Token price: $0.07
SoftCap: $2.5 Million
MiddleCap: $10 Million
HardCap: $20 Million
Private Sale: 20 August - 28 September
Pre-Sale TGE: 2 October - 16 October
Main-Sale TGE: 17 October - 16 November
Website: https://www.tradepharma.network/
Lightpaper: https://www.tradepharma.network/lightpaper

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Author: dn3
Account link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2237720

Thank you for your attention and for being here! Till next reviews!

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