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InfraCoins - Platform Real Estat

InfraCoins is a fully decentralized property list property ecosystem that can work with blockchain technology to get positioning methods that are cheaper, more convenient, and even safer. InfraCoins technology minimizes classic frustration, fraudulent fees, time delays, and rubbing items at the resort making your reservation and local rental methods to benefit both clients and clients. Although real estate costs and features and accommodation vary across the world, residents of various countries face similar problems in long-term rentals and regular hotel rooms. InfraCoins search usually gives you choices that will be useful for residents throughout the world.


The people who gave the dream of Infracoin the chance to become a trained and very capable reality. They happen to be:



Some of them grow programs to order, sell homes, and routinely purchase through the administration of safe block order solutions


Info Scientist BlockChain Expert

N & Deb blockchain structure

Cess Laguardia


He is an effective crypto strategist associated with several ICOs. He must also be involved and get results as a Marketing Manager, Bounty, Social Advertising and Society.

Evan Joseph

Blockchain Consultant

Make architects blockchain alternatives, analyze jobs and offer certain tips to CEOs & computer savvy crews in a reasonable long-term commercial infrastructure contract.


Law advisor

His first ambition to become a legal professional has brought him to the law of reading at Nottingham Trent College or university, UK and obtained his LL.T (Hons) degree


Technician Advisor

Alex is a great experienced businessman and a good blockchain expert. He is certainly one of the founders and co-creators of many of these companies as Seopult, Uptopromo, SatangDee, ICOyard. He has worked well on proper tokenization and administration processes from +15 strong ICOs (Criterium, Medichain, Nvb. Digital, Bailsman, ICOS, Mate. Gets results and others)

Andrey Korotkov

ICO advisor

ICO Organization Analyst. Membership of Decentralized Affiliates Important Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB) ICO advisory motherboards. Crypto and professional fans with years of meetings at Crypto Trading. My special professional history came with operating six ICOs that proved successful. (MediChain, Budbo, ICOS, View, Crypterium, Mulaah).

Anthony Abunassar I

CO Advisor

ICO Ex Goldman Advisor based in Malta. Cryptocurrency traders and experts and enthusiastic. Provide protection against potential controls in the 1 # site environment for each ICO dream to protect their permanent success with regulatory coverage.

Alexandre Orfevre

Community Expansion

Technology Experts Experienced leaders with a history proven to work in the technology sector and detailed programs. Knowledgeable in World Task Administration, Sharp Work Operations, portable tasks, front-end extensions, server software and continuous grouping and integration. Good detail technology


With regard to anyone who accepts the cryptocurrency culture, even more than eight out of 10 ICO-based startups are likely to choose the membrane wall. The prospect of achievement from experts happens to be less constructive than for many start-ups.

They assume that on a large scale, this is due to an imbalance between the complexity of the current technical aspects of the project and the right business use using available services that cannot be validated by the user in an acceptable amount of time. after the token sale occurs. Maintain 2 years for the technology to be developed and in this case to start thinking about how different businesses can choose technology that seems to take strategy.

This is why their goal is to launch a decentralized machine in combo with a user-friendly market that will be fully integrated into the machine as a direct proof of concept.

Using InfraCoin, real estate owners and travelers in countries around the world will have the possibility to have fun with transparent and universally useful programs that are intended to record their homes to get rental or business use. Likewise, with our INF token, buyers will end up being able to visit the resort anywhere in the neighborhood with low transaction / commission fees.

For More Info:
Website: https://infracoins.com/
Whitepaper: https://infracoins.com/data/landing-docs/InfraCoinsWhitePaper5.2.pdf
Media: https://medium.com/@infracoins:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfraCoinsOfficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Infra_Coins
Telegram: https://t.me/infracoins_community

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