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Today many of us know that television networks around the world are abusing their powerful market power as gatekeepers to increase prices for advertisers, lower content creators and increase subscription costs for consumers. They actively hinder innovation in content delivery and advertising technology in order to maintain their oligopolistic position and its benefits. Many consumers have a frustrated right to the state of television.They enjoy the reclining nature of a fixed schedule, but would like to see more premium content personalized to their vision patterns and interests. At the same time, technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Netflix are looking to build their walled garden around the television ecosystem, eager to acquire more power through data and access to consumers. TV-TWO the community a solution in the form of an open platform for those who are curious to cut the umbilical cord.TV-TWO
First, an application for connected TVs that combines traditional television with a personalized video stream or premium content without premium subscription. Video streaming can always be opened with a single click of a button.Second, the Token for Television (TTV), an ERC20 token that manages the interchanged signal. between consumers, content providers and advertisers. We propose a new one where the lack of confidence of the Ethereum block chain makes it possible for market participants to interact directly without having to depend on intermediaries.Consumers can watch curated videos while receiving TTV by choosing to view sponsored messages from advertisers. Content creators are rewarded by users with TTV for their quality productions. The Token for Television will be a wholesale sale. The TTV crowdsale is especially relevant for advertisers looking for sponsors on the big screen. The network utility The Expansion Mechanism is inherent to our model. Since there will be no more coins issued after the Crowdsale Token and each Token has the reserved right to show a fixed portion of the TV-TWO user base, each consumer who arrives at the token increases the utility.What is TV-TWO?
TV-TWO is a new 'open content platform' for people looking to merge their usual television experience with the options of "personalized video streaming". As a result of this, customers can access quality online content without additional subscription costs. The platform uses a native token to manage the exchange of information within its ecosystem, and allows monetary exchanges between consumers, content providers and advertisers.The TV-TWO platform creates an application that helps people connect traditional television, video on smartphones, create a decentralized economy in the real world and help content creators create more professional content. Advertisers, content publishers, content users have a close relationship, promote, create a community of exchange of economic value. The TV-TWO platform solves the problem of the television transmission industry that focuses on subsidies and stunting. The TV-TWO platform has 3 functions of digital TV, digital video, the most outstanding digital YouTube platform; chain of blocks; Symbolic.Platform
It will create a decentralized platform called TV-TWO Smart TV App.
Users can start a personalized video stream that offers premium content at no subscription cost.
Additional channels and can be opened by pressing Enter on the remote control.
The supervised learning algorithm selects appropriate videos from a wide selection of high-quality content.
There are video categories: movies, music, news and politics, travel and nature, food and beverages, fashion and beauty, sports, cars, technology, games and education.Blockchain
TV TWO platform will use TV networks and broadcasters exploit their position as intermediaries
TV with a personalized video game curated by a supervised learning algorithm, which allows a greater variety of organic content and relevance without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.
Freedom to skip videos and ads as well as the ability to select
advertising frequency rewards to view relevant sponsored messages, as well as to share anonymous data with advertisers through TTV.Benefits for the customer when using the TV-TWO platform:
Access platforms that combine a linear TV with personalized video adapted to the learning algorithm, allowing a greater variety of organic content and without paying a monthly subscription fee. Feel free to omit videos and ads, as well as the opportunity to choose the frequency of the ads.
Receive awards for watching sponsored messages while sharing anonymous data with advertisers through TTV.  BLOCKCHAIN
The technology to orchestrate the new television ecosystem, with direct interactions between users, advertisers and content producers.ConsumersGet to use a platform that combines linear television with a personalized video flow curated by a supervised learning algorithm, allowing a greater variety and relevance of organic content without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.
Experience the freedom to skip videos and ads, as well as the ability to select the frequency of ads
Receive rewards for viewing relevant sponsored messages, as well as for sharing anonymous data with advertisers through TTV.Content providersReceive the opportunity to generate reach on TVs without having to sign a contract with a television network, giving small creators who focus on quality videos an equal proportion of voice as determined by viewing statistics instead of clicks .
Get total transparency in the statistics of viewing your videos without having to rely on a single centralized platform.
They can refinance their content more easily by taking advantage of the high media expenses that go to television.AdvertisersReceive characteristics of segmentation and attribution, as well as the automated reservation of TV media that they know about digital advertising.
Get reports by user about advertising engagement and the organic video context without being a victim of fraud or non-transparent KPI reports.
You can address users based on their first-hand data without having to deliver the data to TV-TWO or a third party.TOKEN
Name: Token for Television (TTV)
Private presale: White list required
Public Crowdsale: April 24 - May 24, 2018
Soft cap: 2,500 ETH
Hard cap: 50,000 ETH
Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 10,000 TTV
Cancel exchange rate: 1 TTV = 0.0001 ETH
Token Supply for Crowdsale: 500,000,000
Any ETH committed beyond 90% of the dura
will be closed for two years in a smart
contract. The smart contract stabilizes the
TTV price through automatic purchase
of the chips, in case the market price
below the issue price.PRODUCTS
1 * Install the TVTWO app on your Smart TV and synchronize the wallet to your other devices2 * See broadcast and your letterhead streaming video to collect TOKEN for Television (TTV)3 * Check your symbolic balance and exchange TTV for Bitcoin, Ether or FiatCrowdsale
We will use the new and improved retail standard of the Interactive Currency Offer (OIC) to guarantee a fairer and more transparent allocation process.Crowdsale Interactive Coin Offering ModeDistribution of TOKEN


  1. Receive the opportunity to generate reach on a television without having to sign a contract with a TV network, giving a small creator focusing on quality video with the same sound as determined by watch stats and not clicks
  2. Get full transparency on watch statistics for their videos. without having to trust a centralized platform
  3. Can update their content more easily with the advantage of high media expenditure leading to TV


  1. Receive targeting and attribution features and automatic media ordering on TV they know from digital ads
  2. Get per user reporting on ad engagement and organic video context without being a victim of fraud or KPI reporting that is not transparent
  3. Can contact users based on first-party data without having to submit data to TV-TWO or a third party


Step 1: Install TV-TWO apps on your Smart TV.Step 2: Sync your wallet from TV to your other device.Step 3: Watch your personalized Broadcast and Video Stream.Step 4: Check the token you've collected.Step 5: Market your token for ether, Bitcoin or Fiat.


Do you have Samsung or LG Television? Join us in our Early Adopter program.We are excited to get your feedback!


Ethereal-based tokens called TTV, Token for Television, will drive the ecosystem while ensuring security and justice. We redistribute television advertising and broadcasting channels worth $ 180 billion

Offering interactive coins

The Interactive Coin Offer (ICO), which is our crowdsale mode, was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Jason Teutsch in order to turn the crowdsales into a perfect information game. They took the unopened model and submitted the following rules:Participants in the crowdsale bid and the maximum sales valuation they want to participateIf the sales amount reaches the maximum sales appraisal, the participant's offer is canceled and the contribution is refundedIf they so choose, participants have the possibility to withdraw their offer from the sale until the withdrawal key period is reachedIncreased discounts are given early in sales to motivate early participationIndividual buyers can make multiple offers on various valuations. 

 For more information visit the links below:
Website : https://tv-two.com/
Whitepaper : https://tv-two.com/TV_Whitepaper.pdf
One Pager : https://tv-two.com/TV_One-Pager.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/tvtwocom
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tvtwocom
Medium : https://medium.com/tvtwocom
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2632547.0
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/tvtwocom/
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/tvtwocom 

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