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Capverto: Bank for the future

This is one of the different currency card types.

CAPVERTO Exchange is a digital currency based on a versatile service token, which significantly increases the key benefits of a cryptographic currency through a design that directly addresses the needs of the most excluded populations from banking.

It offers a versatile banking experience centered on an easy-to-use prepaid card to sign in to a fast, well-designed website.

At the same time, the central CAPVERTO Token (CAP) supports advanced features such as cash back-to-system (P2P) money exchange, digital currency trading platform and an innovative crypto-currency insurance product.

During normal use, all of these features affect the unreliable value of the CAP, and this amount distinguishes a unique flexibility feature for the non-bank and minority.

About Capverto:

Container banking systems are the engine of economic growth and poverty reduction. Nonbank gov- ernments that do not have access to the full spectrum of banking services should resort to points of sale such as micro-credit nets and payment day lenders to meet their financial needs despite high interest rates, steep wages and limited overall flexibility of these options.
The need for non-banking is more fair, more flexible alternatives.

Crypto currencies hold a remarkable promise in this regard. Traditionally, they do not require the complex infrastructure and bureaucracy of centralized financing, and participants in ICOs must have a comprehensive financial background or travel personally to any branch office - as well as a common obstacle for non-banking individuals.

Participation is often simple, as several security verifications have passed to open an online account and come with central benefits of lower and lower transaction fees.

Until today, digital currencies have been expensive only when the financial transactions that have been traded through the traditional institutions have been separated and simplified from the center, and many parties have to deal with payment card usage. However, these projects have not targeted the needs of especially non-bank / underbanked.

The CAPVERTO Stock Exchange offers an ICO targeting non-bank / underbanked to ensure that the crypto-monetary union has the opportunity to benefit from its unique benefits.

Innovative banking and CAP utility bridges the world of money and cryptographic monetary union, combining an international prepaid card program based on trader-focused signatures.

All CAPVERTO Exchange features affect the value of the CAP, which is a reflection of the productive activities of the unknown from speculation. The assets in the CAPVERTO Exchange can also be protected by crypto-monetary insurance.

Token details:

Token: CAP

Price 1 CAP = 1,82 USD

MVP / Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepted: ETH

Soft cover: 1,125,000 CAP

Hard cover: 171,375,000 CAP

Country: Denmark

White list / KYC: KYC and White List

Token distribution:

All tokens will be distributed as follows:

Road map:

Q4 / 2017
The concept is born.

Q1 / 2018
The concept is under development.

Q2 / 2018
Special sale of CAP tokens.

Q3 / 2018
Public sale of CAP tokens.

Q4 / 2018
Safety and performance testing. The official launch of the Capverto Platform.

Q1 / 2019
Initialization of the application for iPhone and Android.

Q2 / 2019
The launch of the Whitelabel solution.

Q4 / 2019
Vendor is the launch of the payment solution.


I have found that this project is real about reading the details on the website and the technical review
It looks at the promised project and has a commitment to the roadmap and the agenda. If this project is started successfully, it will bring masses and money.

All comments are not my recommendation any recommendations.

For more information visit:
Website https://capverto.com/landing/
Technical Review https://capverto.com/landing#whitePaper
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/capverto
Twitter https://twitter.com/capverto
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/capverto

AUTHOR: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1759573

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