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Will Blockchainforums become the Next Bitcointalk?

Bitcointalk is still the most popular crypto forum in the world. But while blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is not so developed, there is still place for new platforms.
Blockchainforums is one of them, I joined it recently and what I like is the focus on high-quality content.

I have 1340 posts on Bitcointalk and almost 1000 posts here on Steemit (it includes posts and comments). So I think I might be considered active member of both Bitcointalk and Steemit and I like both platforms.
In my experience with Bitcointalk there are some negative sides as well, I can name some of them:

  1. Merit system which was implemented is not perfect. It's very hard to earn merit for new or relatively new members. While members who were already "Hero members" and "Legendary" not necessarily produce good content, they had this status at the moment when Merit was implemented. It can only mean that they are longer on Bitcointalk (i.e. by posts I could become Legendary, but by time (activity) - not yet and with merit - I might never happen))
  2. There are still many spammers
  3. The administration ignores all the incentives to create "Ukrainian" sub-forum, and the community even has no answer. Both by level of blockchain development and by population Ukraine is bigger than many other countries which have owen sub-forum, but administration ignores all the requests and even doesn't answer at all.

Blockchainforums can be good alternative to Bitcointalk. And I would like introduce this forum to you Steemit users, as this might be good addition (both of content and connections) for your Steemit blogging.

Some of the interesting topics there are:

See you there!

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