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Heads Above Water

Life can be compared to a flowing stream with a very high current. It's easy to be swept away by the current and never to be seen again. It often depends on how good a swimmer you are, or how determined you are to survive. One thing remains sure, you must always keep your head above water.

Photos taken from @mydivathings

It might be easier to give up, let the current take you under and eventually take you with it. It could be your dreams, your goals and your ambitions that are on the verge of going underwater. Never give up. They are allowed to be submerged but not allowed to be drowned or washed away by the current.

When the current of discouragement, failure, rejection and the likes are pushing your dreams and threatening to drown it, keep your dreams above water. In the midst of the current, you will eventually find a rock you can hold on to and rise above it all.

Before you find that rock, Keep your head above water.


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