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Revolux(RVX) Coin

What is Revolux Coin (RVX)?

Coin information & details about the 3 month High POS Reward-phase structure and about how everything works.

MAX SUPPLY(Not current): 20 B
Premine: 0,0015% = 30 M
Block Time: 3 min
Min. Stake age: 6 hours
Coinbase maturity:10 confirmations
Max block size: 4,000,000 blocks

Revolux Coin is a new cryptocurrency based on its own blockchain. Using the Scrypt-algorithm and POS/POW Hybrid combination, with the most load focused on POS.

We are creating a new decentralized PC gaming skins trading Platform where players can trade their virtual cosmetics without any stress or hassle. We make it simple, secure and a pleasant experience for people around the world. The first ever games to be introduced in the Platform will be CS:GO, PUBG, H1Z1. There is 2 more famous titles yet to be announced. The trading platform will be introduced right after the 3 month high pos reward-phase. Meanwhile, you can enjoy our Official Arma 3: Exile game servers along with our Escrow Service coming out soon, and of course.. Happy Staking!

How does trading in Revolux work?


Main vision is creating a new decentralized PC gaming skins trading platform. Where Revolux Coins (RVX) will be the main currency used on that platform. The platform will have 5 main listed games at first including CS:GO, PUBG, H1Z1 & 2 more famous titles yet to be announced. Trading in Revolux is a pleasant, stress-free experience.

We are also launching our own Escrow Service in the summer, where you can trade over 100 different cryptocurrencies to ANYONE in the world without any stress and hassle.

Our roadmap also includes our own Official Game servers. The first game to be included is Arma 3 and we will be hosting modded Arma 3: Exile servers from June 2018. We will create a new sub-community with its own forums for these servers.

How can I buy RVX?

There will be 1st Presale, 2nd Presale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for one month.

Buying Revolux Coins is a very simple process. If you want to join in the first presale you will need to be on our discord server, and you will need a wallet to transfer BTC/ETH from.

On the 2nd presale and ICO the buying process is even more simplified. You can buy RVX with BTC/ETH or other 60+ cryptocurrencies and also with anything that you would use in a online store (Credit card, Paypal).

Website: https://revoluxcoin.com/about
Bounty / Pre-sale Platform: https://revoluxwallet.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/revoluxcoin
Facebook: https://fb.me/revoluxcoin
Instagram: https://instagram.com/revoluxcoin
Telegram: https://t.me/revoluxcoin


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