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Latest Sprint News: Price Motion Stats

Here’s another progress report on the two-week time period (8-21  October 2018). Before reading this material, you can familiarize  yourself with other progress reports to see what IT development methodology is used by the Giant team and look at how our priorities changed overtime. 

Technologies Development

First and foremost, the Giant.Exchange underlying asset price  dynamics graph has seen major improvements. The underlying asset graph  will provide a relevant information for the Giant.Exchange users and  will be both easy-to-understand for newcomers and familiar for  experienced traders. The following is an excerpt from the actual task  set by the Tech Lead. 

All this has been implemented and then upgraded by using the modern  classic trading platform graphs as a reference. For example, the  rendering of the price motion line was redesigned in accordance with the  best practices of fiat exchanges. While digital assets are indeed  financial innovation, nobody told that their measurement tools must be  based on completely new economic principles which, in turn, means that  it would make no sense to ignore the trading interface design  achievements of Internet forex exchanges and other fiat platforms. 

Secondly, we have introduced the updated Giant wallets  for all the major operational systems! Please note that this update is  not mandatory - you old wallet clients will still work. The new Windows,  Linux and Mac client versions have changes mostly connected with the  Giant brand design. Note that if you are a Windows user and have an  Intel processor, the 32-bit version of the wallet will work less  unstable even on the 64-bit operating system. 

Other long-term tasks including careful preparations for Giant smart  contracts mainnet introduction have not been ignored by the team  throughout this sprint as well. Check the backlog of this sprint to see the list of our global goals which objectively take longer than two weeks. 

The Giant Command Line Interface (CLI) will soon see a major addition  because we have completed the task dedicated to the methods of  engagement with smart contracts. It is now pending the review of the  Tech Lead. 

Social Media & Information Materials

The community members diversity can become a serious advantage of  Giant, and to make our community even bigger and motivated, we have  focused a lot of attention towards it this sprint.

To further improve our relations with the community and see more  feedback, a new survey has been created. In less than 24 hours, we have  seen 50 respondents. The survey has not ended yet - you can still take part here and thus improve the Giant project strategy. 

A new thread on BitcoinTalk has been made. One of the oldest  cryptocurrency discussion platforms online now has a thread with actual  specifications of our blockchain and cryptocurrency. This was the main  need to change the thread — the old one was created at the PoW phase and  contained the elements of old brand design.  Our Facebook page has been updated as well. 

Google Analytics tell that Germany is the third country in the list  of most interested in our project. One of our fans who owns a Giant  masternode will now translate the most important news into German and  even made a separate German BitcoinTalk thread. 

From this sprint forward, we have decided to post more minor Discord  announcements regarding the work objectives of the Giant team - Giant  Inside. Giant Insight is another new type of informational material - they tell about the opinion of the Giant team on current cryptocurrency trends. 

On Discord, we have separated the Giant blockchain news feed and the Giant.Exchange news feed. Giant is not binary options only  - as a matter of fact, Giant.Exchange is only a demonstration of the  Giant blockchain and smart contracts capabilities. In the future, you  may create an even better and useful product by using the Giant  environment. 

Human Resources

The human resources deficiency remains one of the objective problems  of Giant and it is the major reason of our MVP delay. To increase the  pace and optimize our work, two vacancies are opened and there were many  candidates this sprint for the position of JavaScript Fullstack  Developer and for the JS Developer. In total, 11 applications have been  processed. 

Your own advice on the project development is always welcome.  Leave a comment under this material or join our Discord community to  share your thoughts on where Giant is going.

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