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Human figure Dwarfs Recorded in the forests of Aceh, Suspected Tribal Castle

Mysterious entities successfully caught on camera belonged to a biker trail as he crosses the forests of Aceh.

 The appearance of being successful is enshrined in a video was later uploaded by a Youtube account Fredography on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. Post the video everuploaded instantly attracted the attention of netizen. Many are then share it again in cyberspace.

In the video looks the biker trail fall due was surprised to see the figure of a mysterious creature suddenly appeared and ran in front of him.

The mysterious figure is estimated to be of the tribe of dwarfs who live in the Interior of Aceh. This tribe is called the tribe of Castle. They are considered rare even believed to be extinct. This primitive tribes such as the diminutive Hobbits.For more details, watch the video directly here. 

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