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REVIEW Zealeum Project

Quality health care is one of the most important factors in how individuals perceive their quality of life. The importance of health and happiness is reflected in the fact that diet, weight loss programs, sports and equipment, fitness facilities, spas, nutritional supplements and Entertainment activities are very popular. Some of these changes are determined by the needs of the care system, but also by the desire of the worker's generation to adopt a more active lifestyle after retirement. activity of their choice. In order for these goals to materialize, a sound foundation of health must be built throughout life, not just to try to repair the damage once it is done.

What is Zealeum project?
Zealeum is a platform where people who care about their health can meet with companies interested in maintaining the health of their clients. For example, a nutritionist will be able to offer his services to those who need them. In addition, if users agree to share information about their own health, nutritionists will be able to assist in developing individual nutritional plans, and will also provide personal recommendations to such clients. The fitness trainer will also have the opportunity to customize the set of exercises according to the characteristics and preferences of the client. Undoubtedly, individual programs are not news in diet or fitness, but with Zealeum makes them easier and more effective.

How ZEALEUM works?
Users register and create a health profile where they can store, view, share and sell their data.
Users have the ability to connect their profiles to their favourite fitness & health tracking apps and wearables, allowing them to track data from a wide variety of sources and aggregate and analyze data within a user-friendly interface.
Users set their own privacy rights and choose exactly which information they would allow to be shared or sold.
The generated data is transferable, secure, and tamper-resistant.
Zealeum’s health profiles allow professionals such as nutritionists and fitness trainers to create personalized nutrition and workout plans based on the information shared with them from each specific user, allowing them to create custom-tailored solutions.
Users earn ZEAL Tokens by making healthy lifestyle choices. For example, users can earn ZEAL Tokens by purchasing online products on the Zealeum platform, by purchasing personalized meal or workout plans provided by professionals, for participating in a marathon, for visiting a fitness center or a vegan restaurant, and much more.
Individuals on the platform can also receive ZEAL tokens for simply showing up to a designated location or participating in a specific fitness event sponsored by a Zealeum partner.
Zealeum ecosystem participants can also use the ZEAL Tokens as a form of payment to purchase a wide variety of products and services from the businesses and service providers within the community ecosystem.
The Zealeum Platform creates, stores and constantly updates every users’ digital profile which will include metadata and data that paints a full picture of who each user is in terms of their identity, their health and their fitness profile.
Through the token, users on the platform can package and sell their data to companies or fitness professionals interested in viewing or leveraging that data.
Users will not have their data available on the Zealeum marketplace unless they check boxes indicating they would like to receive ZEAL in exchange for their information.
Users are alerted with a request for data whenever there is interest from a professional or information broker.
Zealeum’s health profile is a very valuable asset in the growing Internet of things which can help to solve several issues with the lethargic health industry; a transferable, secure, tamper-resistant health profile with data that can be seamlessly shared through a distributed ledger with doctors, insurance companies, nutritionists, and more.
The potential for individuals as well as health insurance companies, health care providers, doctors, fitness trainers, nutritionists and several other network participants to be positively benefited in such an ecosystem is what drives the Zealeum project.
In addition to data sharing in the form of patient records, potential exists for blockchain technology to positively impact patient-reported outcomes (PROs).
Join the health & wellness revolution!

ZEALEUM Ecosystem:


The Zeal Token (ZEAL) is an ERC20 standard token built on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

Name of the token: Zealeum Token
Token: ZEAL
Type: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Total supply: 1 000 000 000 ZEAL
Available for sale: 600,000,000 ZEAL
Pre-Sale Supply: 200,000,000 ZEAL
Public Sale Supply: 400,000,000 ZEAL
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: $ 50,000,000 USD


For more information, please visit:
Website: https://zealeum.life/
White Paper: https://zealeum.life/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/zealeaum_white_paper_mar1318-1.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Zealeum/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/_zealeum
Telegram: https://t.me/zealeum
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zealeum/

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