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Russia will release criptural 50/50

Russia will release criptural

Minister of communications and mass communications Nikolay Nikiforov at a closed meeting with members of the Moscow Metropolitan club referred to the text of the decision of the government that Russia will not legalize bitcoin and will release cryptool.
"I so confidently declare that we will launch cryptool, for one simple reason: if we do not, then after 2 months it will make our neighbors in the EurAsEC", — said the Minister. The plans also maintain the payment of personal income tax at 13% on the purchase and sale of new cryptocurrencies.
Unlike existing digital currencies, it will be impossible criptural mine. It will be a closed model with a certain amount of regulated emissions, suggested Nikiforov.
Source: ru.insider.pro
"Rossiya24" overstated the cost of bitcoin live
Yesterday the journalist of TV channel "Russia-24" came to live with material about mining-farm, in which he overstated the value of bitcoin in half.
A day live broadcast peak point at the auction was the mark of approximately 311 thousand rubles. At that time, as the scoreboard live display a graph with the value of bitcoin is about 480 thousand roubles apiece.
In the report the journalist of the channel Vadim Naboychenko told me about a Russian startup company Comino, which offers over 4.5 thousand of dollars to buy a mining farm with the function of the heater.
Source: Tj.ru
Hackers mainile via Android.
Experts of the company ESET has detected encoder for mobile devices based on Android, which locks the screen and requires for unlocking a ransom 0,0130 bitcoin. If the victim does not Deposit the required amount to the purse, the attackers threatened during the day to destroy all existing data on the device.
As reported in the official press release, the malware called DoubleLocker works on the basis of virus that collects banking information. However, the new malware is not interested in financial information available on the device and encrypts the data and can change the PIN code of the smartphone or tablet.
Apply DoubleLocker under the guise of renovation or activate Adobe Flash Player on unofficial sites, has the necessary permissions under the guise of inclusion about Google Play Service.
Source: www.esetnod32.ru

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