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Eindhovens finest old art piece

Over the weekend I was back in my hometown and passing by one of my most favorite pieces of art. As long as I can remember this is one of Eindhovens most prominent art pieces but hardly any people ever pay attention to it. Let me tell you why this is so cool!


This piece of art is called 'Swing' and is located on a on a prominent intersection where you can drive by from all areas. Wikipedia tells me it is designed by Arie Berkulin in 1977, so imagine how many people drove by here already.

As you can see above this is a triangular gigantic construction made of Corten steel (that is like a steel that is supposed to look rusty), but when you look from another side the construction looks totally different.


Here you can see it looks like two triangels and the only thing what happened is that I walked to another angle of looking at it.


And if you again walk to another corner all of a sudden is a trapezium shaped design. And THAT is why this thing is so cool! It looks different from every side.

I remember as a kid we would very often drive by here and every time I would shout something like 'Now it's a square!!! And now it's a triangle!! This thing would never get boring, and that is why I find it deserves some attention on the blockchain by you guys.

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