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Pilsner Urquell: An Amateurish Beer Review

Everyone knows what a "pilsner beer" is, right? Pale, golden lagers based on beers from Bohemia have been so influential that "lager" and "pilsner" are often used interchangeably. Well, today I am writing about the original: Pilsner Urquell, brewed in the city of Plzeň/Pilsen, Czech Republic.

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I know it's popular to say that European beers, especially those from the region including Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, are better than American beers. While I would argue that American microbreweries have made a strong case for the existence of good American beer, I would have to agree that this imported lager is far superior to anything from AB Inbev or MillerCoors.

Pilsner Urquel is a well-balanced brew. It's not overly sweet, overly hopped, or overdone in any other way. It's a bit more sour than the usual US macrobrews, but it isn't distasteful by any means. The finish is fairly dry. This beer is only 4.4% ABV, so it's in the strength range of typical American lagers. The bottle is 330mL, or 11.2 oz. as compared to a typical 12 oz. American longneck bottle. These happen to be brown glass bottles, so the product was not skunked despite being transported under unknown conditions and displayed for an unknown length of time under fairly bright light. Never forget, clear glass is not your friend, and green isn't much better.

All told, I would recommend this brew. Give it a try if you find it. It's definitely among my favorite pale lagers now.

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