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7 лет назад

Legend of magic book teaching

Fuente: http://www.bezzia.com/razones-por-las-que-hay-que-leer-a-los-ninos-cuentos-de-hadas/

I only speak Spanish.
All my work I did with the help of google
I apologize for the translation errors
I appreciate your understanding.

Hello dear friends, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of a magic book that receives as inheritance a very humble young man, in the end has a surprising outcome.

Many years ago in the village of a kingdom lived a woman who had been widowed with a small child, life was not easy to raise this child, at that time the world economy was not very good, what was most prevalent in the village Of the kingdom was the meager, the years were passing the child became a nice young teenager.

One day the woman dawned sick, she was getting worse as the days went by, when she sensed that death was approaching, she called her son and said.

Well you know our evil pass, we were very punished for poverty, but today I want to give you my only fortune, this book gives me a powerful sorcerer, in the there are precise indications to find and find a treasure, as you know I am illiterate not to read and not I had the time to learn reading, if you follow the indications you will come to the south a very wealthy person, but there is something you should know, the pages you must read correlatively, if you skip a leaf or read the end, the book will disappear, Do not trust anyone, "said the dying widow.

After sharing this great secret, the widow considered it was time to leave the world, later, when she had overcome the loss of her beloved mother, the young man began to read the mysterious book, when he opened the book he found a note that said, To get to the treasure you must read page by page, if you jump at the end the book will disappear and the precious treasure will not be found, there remembered the wise words of his mother, those pronounced before his departure.

Turning the page to begin reading the first page was found to be written in the Arabic language, for a moment he wanted to jump off the page and returned to recount the words of his mother, not to skip the pages and not trust anyone, As he was an ambitious young man, he began to study Arabic, study and study you can understand what was written in the magic book.

He continued reading the book and several pages later he changed the language of writing, writing continued in English, the young man began to study English until he could use it to continue reading the book, followed literally The mysterious book tips, then writing change to Chinese language.

With great care began to study all languages ​​in what was written the book, to help with his studies began to charge for translating writings of all languages, soon became famous for the best translator of the village of the kingdom, thank you To this his economy began to change, no longer had so many needs.

The following pages of the book gave instructions on how to manage the treasure, the skilful young man began to study accounting, business administration, and real estate, so as not to be deceived when he found the precious treasure.

It was so much knowledge that the young man had acquired, that his fame came to the kingdom of the palace, the king ordered to call the young man and proclaimed him general administrator of the royal palace.

The young man had made great progress in his reading of the book, reached the part where he indicated that he was ready to reach the treasure, he found indications of how to build a bridge, take measures, draw lines, and flatten the street.

To better understand the indications of the book began to study engineering and urbanism, I study with so much care that soon obtained the titles with the best qualifications.

The kindly king awarded the young man's effort and promoted him to minister and architect of the royal palace, such was the preparation of the young man who was promoted to prime minister of the kingdom.

The young man had become a man, a very educated and intellectual man, but that was not one of his best qualities, he was also very good-natured to the point that I catch the princess's eyes.

Soon the marriage of the man with the heiress of the throne was announced, in recent times he had been very busy that he did not have time to read the last page of the book.

The mysterious book was very important in the life of this man that I carry inside his luggage on his honeymoon.

While in the hotel's lavish sleeping room, I took out his book to read the last page, turned the page, and found a note saying.

Congratulations, if you have reached this note you will have noticed that man's greatest fortune is knowledge.

Fuente: http://onosotren2013.blogspot.com.ar/2016/04/o-dia-do-libro-o-23-de-abril.html

Fuente: http://piruja56.blogspot.com.ar/2016/08/el-libro-del-tesoro.html

José Luis
Corrientes Argentina

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