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7 лет назад

Legend The longings of the son of Raja

fuente: http://www.1zoom.me/es/Cielo_estrellado/t2/1/2048x1152

Hello dear friends of the voice, thank you very much for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful news, speaks of a Hindu child who wants to know by all means the powerful slit of tiger eyes, will do anything to Fulfill your dream, a beautiful story that begins like this.

Long ago in a Hindu palace lived a powerful raja, this man had two wives, one of them was called Denali, with this woman had a son whom I call Yasin, the boy was growing very well, getting bigger and bigger and Cute, the mighty crack days after days became more fond of the child.

The other wife, a woman of strong and envious character, sought to influence the decision of her husband, the raja from one day to another made the decision to throw Denali and his beloved son Yasin out of the kingdom, he asked them to stay away from the Kingdom forever.

The poor woman without understanding the situation accepted the will of her husband, left the kingdom with her little son to live in a nearby village, got a small place in a village, ate what they could find in nature, herbs and some roots groceries.

The child nonetheless continues to grow increasingly cute, lived happily with his mother, in the village was well liked by all its inhabitants, one day they were talking mother and son and the child without her expecting him wanted to know who his father.

The child's mother did not have the courage to lie, she had sworn to herself never to lie and this would not be the first occasion.

The insistent child asked again.

Mother, who is my father?

Denali took a deep breath and began to tell the child who was his father.

Your father is the raja of the palace, one day without giving me some reason he banished us from the kingdom and asked that we never return.

The boy listened attentively to the story of his beloved mother, the boy who was a very understanding boy and not at all spiteful, he said.

Mother I want to meet my father!

And without another turn he left alone for the palace, very decidedly entered the palace and went to the royal hall, the father upon seeing him knew that it was about his beloved son Yasin, welcomed him with great joy and gave a strong hug, sat him in Her skirts and began to caress him, he said that he missed him a lot and that he wanted it, little tears of joy fell from the eyes of the raja, when everything seemed to be going very well, entered the room the envious wife, who just by looking she understood What he said with his gaze, the raja very fearful under the child of her skirts.

The boy who was a very awake boy understood the situation perfectly and was very impressed with what he had seen, asked permission and immediately retired from the palace.

Returning to the village where his mother was waiting for him, he told her in detail the welcome of his father, said that he missed him, that he loved him very much, in the middle of the conversation, said Mother, I want to ask you a question.

If my son tell me! Said the sweet mother

Is there a person more powerful than my father? I do not believe when you say that my father is a brave king, today I could see how he trembled because of a woman.

The mother replied, dear son, there is a bigger and mightier than your father, he has big eyes the color of the flower of the irupé, he lives far away in the middle of the forest, in a grotto on the hill, in the hiding place of the cheetah , And his income is guarded by a large bengal tiger.

At midnight, unable to fall asleep, little Yasin murmured to himself. "I want to know the big eye of the color of the irupé!" He rose very slowly so as not to wake his mother, dress, In the forest in the direction where the powerful raja lived, before leaving I cross and ask the slit of the eyes of the irupé that protects his beloved mother.

I walk a long way towards the sun, I come to a hut where the penitents of the kingdom prayed, there was received by some of the penitents, the little boy decidedly said that he had gone in search of the powerful slit of the eyes of the color of the irupé.

The anxious sages pointed the right way to the child, continued walking, was so enthusiastic that lost the notion of time, hunger and thirst, after much walking came to a clearing in the forest, where a great hill began.

He rested for a while to regain his strength, he sensed that he had to climb the hill, with great effort climbed to the summit, sat down to wait for the mighty raja, great was his surprise when he saw a great bengal tiger appear, with his terrifying figure, his Long fangs of his eyes seemed to come out fire, when the brave animal was about to attack, the very calm child asked.

Are you the great king that I seek?

The brave animal calmed down at that very moment, ducked his head and gently retreated from the mountain.

Then a terrible bear sniffed the child's tracks, hopped up in search of flesh to quench his hunger.
The terrible bear rose on two legs about to attack when he heard the sweet voice of the child.

Are you the great king that I seek?

On hearing these words the bear gently down the hill.

Not far from the child behind a large stone sat an old wise man.

The great Narada, who had heard the child's desire, approached him and said.

Raise your head son and look at the sky, concentrate on the great slit of the eyes of the color of the irupé, if you concentrate well and you want with the heart sure you will find.

The Yasin boy got down on his knees and began to meditate, sweetly whispering! Dear King of the irupé color eyes, please show yourself to this mortal child!

At the top of the hill was the child meditating, asking the king to appear, but the great raja no longer belonged to this world, his soul became a bright star.

It is the polar star, always visible and still in the same place in the company of the Rishi sevens, forming the seventh stars of the smaller bear.

The clever child, as he said in wise old man, concentrates on the great slit of the eyes of the color of the irupé, if you concentrate well and you want with the heart sure you find it, when he saw it, it remained motionless because they were the most beautiful eyes that He had seen in his short life.

For being a good pure child of heart he could see the polar star.

fuente: http://www.1zoom.me/es/Cielo_estrellado/t2/1/2048x1152

FUENTE: http://piruja56.blogspot.com.ar/2014/11/la-estrella-polar-leyenda-hindu.html

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