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The Birth of the Majestic Southern Bird

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Dear Friends, thank you for supporting my work, surfing the web I cross with this beautiful legend, speaks of the birth of the woodpecker, a very adventurous young man and storyteller, will live an unforgettable experience and ............................

In the south of the Argentine Republic in the land of the fire Vivian a community called the Selk`nam, in this living community a young man called Kákach this young one was of small build very strong and courageous of character docile, prudent and gentle.

Kachach was an adventurer who wandered along the seashore, one day on his morning walk he saw a large, big woman coming out from the sea, he was going towards him as he approached the young man noticed something strange in the woman , Being able to see that he had a small head did not condone the woman's great body, the young man ran to spread the news in the village, but as he was very adventurous no one believed his words, the young man reminded an old man of the village Called Kauj, ran desperately to tell the news, the sage listened carefully to the story of Kachach, very thoughtful did not utter a word, looked worried and answered to meet the woman with those characteristics, is called Taita, is the worst news that I You could have given it said Kauj.

At that time the town had no drinking water, so it was as the woman out of the sea Taita began to search for water to drink, I search so much that I discovered a place with drinking water.

Taita found a large lost lagoon, it was the only place where it could be consumed sweet.

These waters charmed Taita, turned greedy she became petty with the water, began to surround the whole lagoon with poles and bushes, leaving only a place like excess to the lagoon.

She sat down to take care that no one went to the water, people in the village began to thirst, the news soon arrived in the village, they knew that Taita found a place to drink water.

The villagers approached the lagoon to drink, but the giant did not let anyone consume the water, at the point of a knife ran to all, the people of the village began to despair, this was how Kákach the very brave little man very angry decided to finish With the evil giant.

The courageous young man with the help of the wise Kauj resumed old customs, they made the ritual of war of the Indians, painted the face of red and the body of black, not to be seen in its attack of night, prepared spiritually next to the wise one , Entrusted his life to the supreme, arriving the night way stealthily until arriving in the vicinity of the lagoon, there was the giant woman, his plan to arrive until Taita was simple had to dig a trench as if it were trench and to slip in the until arrives to the woman.

The courageous young man began to dig the ditch, took him all night and began to dawn and there he saw the enemy, was sitting nearby with a knife in his hand, the first impression of Kakach was fear, Taita impressed with his size, the Young man crawled up to take the enemy by surprise, took her by the legs and began to roam the earth, boldly removed the knife to Taita, the very skillful giant took the young Kákach's hair this shouted strongly by the pain Of the scalp, the evil giant took the tongue of the boy stretched strong wanting to tear out his tongue, the brave boy reacted, with the same knife Taita killed the giant woman.

The fight left exhausted Kákach, without strength dragged himself to the pond to quench his thirst, took water in a bowl and wiped the wounds that provoked the evil woman.

I cleaned the container full of water and took the most desired liquid to the village to give the elderly people, those who suffered from thirst, soon broke the news of the release of the lagoon, the whole population ran to drink water, drank so much To quench thirst.

Kauj knew he had to protect the people from greed, he thought the way no one else would take over the water, he took a big stone, throwing it as far as he could, the stone fell so hard that it broke the earth by making a furrow Long, the water of the lagoon began to flow through the canal, seeing this Kauj began to throw stone in several directions, thus formed the causes of rivers and lakes, the water of the lagoon began to flow freely in this way No one else would take over the waters.

Since that day everyone lived in peace and harmony, poor Kákach was very fond of the fight, could not bear the death of the giant and went crazy, climbed trees and gave continuous blows with his head and was laughing strongly.

The eagles say that one day before the eyes of the village the brave little man began a transformation, they grew wings and plumages became a bird with a red crest and black plumage, a long tongue and makes a great sound as if it were a laugh.

The Kákach became a woodpecker, is the new inhabitant of the forests of fire land, now you know the origin and how it was created the woodpecker, when someone asks who was born first the bird or the egg here you have the answer.

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