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Man by nature is compassionate

He always wants to help his neighbor. Words, support, thoughts, prayers, finances.   It is right. For we are all children of God. God is also attentive to us.   

But, very often we want, but we can not help everyone. A lot of people and a lot of global problems. We are not enough at all.   One of the problems that people want to solve is the accessibility of higher education. Agree that not everyone can afford to study in Yell, Cambridge, Harvard and other famous universities.   

Young people from third countries, seeking on the Internet the opportunity to get education abroad, first see the advertising of universities. If the university spends money on advertising, it wants to reimburse costs at the expense of potential students.   

Therefore, such universities are not profitable potential students who can not pay for studies.   At the same time, large universities that have good sponsorship support do not apply to the availability of grants that give them the opportunity to study for free.   

There are small higher education institutions offering tuition for a small fee, but they do not advertise themselves, because they can not afford expensive advertising.   

There are universities where you can study for free, at the expense of the host country, they do not spend money on advertising. But they also need talented students.   But a huge amount of information on the Internet does not allow a potential student to find his or her educational institution.   

Yes, and for a long time. And after all it is necessary to work, feed itself, family and time on search of the necessary information catastrophically does not suffice.   

At the same time, many potential students are talented young people whose successes in science, creativity, sports or art are significant. They have no opportunity to express their ideas to the whole world, including universities. Thousands of letters that such young people write with the hope of entering the university do not reach their goal.   Not because, in the universities, soulless people work. No! Just to assess the novelty of the work of a potential student from a letter is very difficult.   

So what should potential students and universities do, how to find each other. How can I find my diamond among millions of diamonds?   

Our United Minds thought about this and we think we solved it.   

We create a single platform for potential students and universities. On it, any young person, regardless of whether he has money or not, lay out his academic data for free and publish his successful work.   

Universities, saving the budget without spending multi-million sums, can on a paid basis connect to this base and see the work of potential students and the most interesting is to offer to study at the university.   But this is only the beginning!   These works will see the whole world!   

Everyone in the world reading and counting the idea of ​​a potential student can invest in his work or simply help him financially. The work base will be open to all.   Large corporations will be able to see in a nascent idea a project that can change the world for the better and help a young person pay for university tuition.   

We, our United Minds team, will also help potential students with ideas that can turn the world around, help pay for their studies at the university.   Every person in the world can become involved in a miracle!   

Team United Minds suggests everyone to be involved in this. Of course, the project is more social than commercial, but nevertheless we envisaged the possibility for investors to receive income from this project.   In any case, it will benefit everyone!   If you are interested, support us in this project and read our idea.  

 Yours faithfully, Team United Minds    

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