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Hello guys, today I will be talking about something very interesting. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that is designed to work as a means of exchange that uses a cryptographically strong method to secure financial transactions, verify the transactions of assets, and controls the creation of additional units. It is a type of alternate currency if I may say and digital currency. It basically uses decentralized controls to centralize digital currency and different central banking system. So they are many challenges but I will be talking about one.

Cryptocurrency exchange is an important platform but most crypto funds are seen to be a Ponzi scheme. So we found out that individuals are promised massive rates of returns of investment funds and they also use tempting figures in the process. Don’t be deceived they are all frauds and they want to extort money from individuals.
Nevertheless, prediction been made inside the market determines the development and growth of the number of crypto funds. These can increase the reason for investors to raise money thus, for whom they want to offer fund management services. For most countries, I would say that their services are unregulated and can cause the source for theft and fraud.
So after noting this, the solution provided is AZBIT. It solves all cryptocurrency exchange problems.

AZBIT is a platform based on Blockchain which is an investment platform where investors can take care of their asset however it provides security, information and other major features on its platform. Azbit has made it possible for top-class investors to benefit through the platform, it basically allows investors to cut down their loss and for them to be confident. However, traders also stand to benefit from this outstanding platform, traders will be able to trade cryptocurrency even without raising additional funds.so basically, traders do their trading work while successful information brings them investors on the platform.

It has different features which are all part of the platform and I will be talking briefly about a few of them.
• Banking: banking is one major financial service that provides access to the cryptocurrency market. However, azbit ecosystem came in by reducing risk and internal expenses thus increasing the profits. All this will be possible through this features fiat payments services, custodial accounts, fiat benefit for Azbit services and so on.
• Instant Exchange: the platform has their own banking services which mean that exchange between cryptocurrencies and fiat currency will be possible on the platform at market rates.
• Blockchain and Brokerage integration: the platform what to support the trading platform like Metatrader 4, Forex, cTrader and so on. Besides, they can because they have full banking license which means that the trader’s interest is guaranteed. However, transactions will be carried out on the Electronic Communication Network (ECN) system of the interbank market.


It features more but because of time let go to the investment platform feature. Being a successful investor is a key feature because if you are an investor you will be able to analyze activity going on the market of accounts and can choose to invest in anyone with full confidence. I will briefly talk about one feature;
The Azbit.ID identification secured system
This system offers a lot, in fact, it deals with security on the platform. So the platform has a single authentication and registration services. However, it is accessible by other blockchain services and so on. It also features a mobile application that will be running on Android and IOS operating system.

The platform has a utility token that will be used to pay bank fees, pay for marketplace products, payment of investment platforms fees, creating liquidity through a decentralized exchange module and payment of exchange fees at a lower rate.

Finally, I will say an opportunity for all. Azbit has indeed given us the chance to be a part of this amazing chance as it will be upgraded and updated for newer features in the future.
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