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Bitcoins Proof of Work Alghorithm To Be Changed ?

More strange ideas to change BTC has come today.

Since Bitmain/Antpool have most mining power there came idea to change algo

To watch them you can go here: http://btcpowupdate.org/
Website claims: Important Disclaimer:This initiative has NOT been endorsed or funded by Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Project, or Blockstream, Inc

Worth to mention that officially this change is not connected to SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited and BU outvoting SegWit with their hashing power.

Creators claim this is just to have mining fair again. Devs at this point want to be anonymous. We can only guess from which camp they come from or who they can be.

BitFury Said They WIll Sue Devs Responsible For Possible Change

Currently BU is winning in last mined blocks over SegWit

Price didnt react yet, BTC is going up

Other coins are in green too, which means some people move to them for their security.

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