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EON - Game Platform

          Hello everybody!  Today I want to tell you about a new promising project - EON, which is a gaming platform based on blockbuster technology!  

          The mobile games market has long grasped users around the world, according to statistics, its estimated value is already over 115 billion dollars.  These figures continue to grow every day, thanks to the inclusion of an increasing number of new players.  But regardless of this scale, there are a number of problems that have not been resolved to this day.  The main problems are, first of all, the high cost of quality mobile games for players and a huge competition for developers.  Not every really cool game goes to the broad masses!  The market was monopolized by big players, small companies have no chance to stand in this competition.  I would like to present to your attention - the EON platform, its appearance on the mobile games market, will solve all existing problems at once.  Thanks to the introduction of blocking technology, the project will provide equal conditions for developers during the start of their projects.  

          Blockchain technology has long become a necessary part of many projects.  Games have not become an exception, as early as four years the blockade has penetrated into this industry.  The first game created on this technology appeared in 2014, in the winter.  This was the first version of the mobile version of the game with the blockbuster.  Thanks to the rapid growth of the market and the emergence of new technologies such as - Ethereum, the further development of games began to occur even faster.  

Advantages that were not there before: 

  1. Security 
  2. Accessibility 
  3. Simplicity 
  4. Free access 

          But unfortunately, all the games that were released at the time were too "simple", and users with their modern ideas about games were not very interesting.  The next step was the appearance of games on the technology of the highest level - blochein 2.0, the most famous of the series of these games in 2018 was - CryptoAlpaca from the company EON Foundation.  

          During the development of this project, the team had the idea of creating a decentralized platform that would combine the latest technology of blocking with all its advantages and developments.  

Advantages of the EON project 

  • Due to the lack of monopoly, the cost of games will be significantly lower, since developers no longer need to spend space to promote and advertise their projects.  
  • Further development and growth of the gaming industry (Thanks to the change in the scheme of distribution of games and technology in general, further growth will occur in an increased progression, which will affect the overall value of the gaming market). 
  • The connection of players with developers (Thanks to the EON system, developers will be able to abandon the usual  marketing system at all, now the search for potential customers will be the platform itself) 
  • Communities and partnerships (Thanks to its partners, the EON platform already has more than 5 million potential games )
  • The founders of the EON Foundation are the founders of the multinational company - EON Foundation, have vast experience and knowledge, and have worked in such major projects as Tencent, Facebook, etc.). 
  • Highly qualified consultants (These people have experience in  game industry, calculated in years) 
  • Rapid communication between players and games (Thanks to the platform system, players will immediately be presented with a lot of interesting projects for them, now there is no need to engage in tedious search.  At the same time, the developers will immediately have a potential audience) 

          The system of tokens (All financial relationships between players and developers will be due to the main token - EON, this will allow all transactions to be carried out safely, quickly and transparently) 

Information about Tokens 

          Specially for convenience and safety of all  currency operations on the platform created a special token, which is the main - EON token.  

          All participants of the platform who enter the project in the forefront will receive additional bonuses in the form of EON tokens, with each stage of further development of the platform.  

  • Token: EON (service token) 
  • Total tokens: EON 
  • On sale: 30% (630.000.000 EON) 
  • Bounty program: Amount: 20.000.000 EON (at the current exchange rate of 600.000 dollars)

Website — http://eontoken.io/

Whitepaper — https://docsend.com/view/yuhe5nc

ANN thread — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4432974

Twitter — https://twitter.com/EonToken

Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/eontoken

Telegram —https://t.me/eontoken3

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1835919

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