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BRONIX is a new generation peer trading platform that aims to provide investment and payment solutions that are independent, efficient, transparent and stable. It integrates blockchain technology and advanced software such as smart contracts, Inter Planetary File System and Bigchain DB, which provide users with financial stability in the current volatile market. With integrated technology you accelerate transactions and achieve scalability on the platform. Faster transactions will then improve the liquidity pool and the cash flow within organizations and companies.

Thanks to blockchain Technology, the platform strives for equal and fair opportunities for people around the world on the bitcoins market, avoiding interference from third parties, such as government or financial institutions. How Bronix cryptocurrency Investment Trading Exchange works No intermediaries, who often have the sources of major problems-large commissions, government issues, fraudulent schemes. Also created protection against inflation to help protect against the fluctuations known in this market. This will help to protect the desired income stability. Their website has comprehensive information about articles and blogs, including those that will put you in "knowledge" of what is happening in the world of cryptography. Knowledge is power-the right knowledge in any case.
The full version of the information about the release and purchase of tokens is available on the Bronix website. In addition, three important team members have bio and additional contact information.
About Bronix ICO Brnx token
Bronix will achieve its goals through the Bronix token, which is compatible with ERC 20, a Utility token used for trading on the platform. Token Ownership guarantees membership of the platform without taking into account the number of tokens that the user owns. The copy-trading function included in the system will allow all users to participate in the trade if they can follow the steps of professional traders.

The platform will allow its users to execute margin trading, in which users (with the established credit rate) can borrow Bronix bronzes for a long or short term from other token holders, and then use them to trade. This is similar to a concept in which a person will buy credits and then arrange them later.

In addition to trading, users can use the platform's encrypted Communication Service to discuss problems with the token with other users. Traders can earn on this service, charging a fee for consultation.

Benefits of the Bronix platform

Effective translations
The foundation of the platform ensures that senders and receivers can carry out direct transactions anywhere in the world without third parties. This liquidation of intermediaries simplifies the transaction process and minimizes the transaction costs of users.

The platform uses an excellent algorithm, blockchain technology and multi-level security systems. The servers are also distributed worldwide and are protected by the CloudFlare service provider, known for its reliable and secure services. This makes his system flexible and not susceptible to cyber hackers.

Experienced team and leaders
Bronix consists of active managers, managers and technical staff who have acquired extensive skills over years of experience in the industry, which ensures proper management of their funds and investments. The team also ensures that the service it provides to its users is of high quality.

Website: https://www.bronix.io/
WhitePaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/bronix/White+Paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/bronixcoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brnxcoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bronixcoin/
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3399615


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