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Without any doubts, BLOCKCHAIN technology has come to stay longer than expected. I could remember not quite long the naysayers were in doubt and denying the truth of the revelation about the quality of this technology. People with negative attitude saying digital-currency was just a ‘bubble’ which would soon exploded in the faces of the inspired ones. Unfortunately, most of these inattentive expression and words were made by elites with low interests.

BLOCKCHAIN has given a good a support for series of platforms to prosper and excel in which some of the platforms have selected objectives and goals which will definitely benefit industries and some other business organization. A lot of sector and some other branches like education, finance, health and the others have experience the rise of BLOCKCHAIN technology set-up to solve problems facing them in which lots of institutions are fully aware of the importance of this great technology.

Some years past, part of the serious challenges affecting most industries was centralization which simply means government involvement. Decentralization was born with the introduction of blockchain technology in which control is no longer given to anybody or authorities. Lovers of crypto-currency can easily track the source of irregularities. Some platforms and business organization have begun with the use of blockchain technology to help people deal with series of challenges facing them.

Let’s not forget, anybody interested in crypto-currency will definitely need an exchange platform to trade its crypto-currency. Due to this need, REGULUS crypto-currency exchange is been launched in which users can easily trade on series of tokens using the exchange services of the REGULUS platform. Crypto-currency traders can easily trade between different crypto-currencies. With its BLOCKCHAIN adoption, users of the REGULUS exchange are guaranteed a secure and transparent trading and market-place.

With the up rise in demand for crypto-currencies, Exchange platforms have been launched to allow traders to enjoy their trade and transactions without any problem. If there has been an exchange working for traders before then why should you considered using REGULUS crypto-currency exchange? The answer is very simple – it stands out. Apart from the normal exchange services, REGULUS solves the problem of slow and delayed transaction that always occurred in the other exchange platform.

Have you ever considered trading on an exchange with a reduced and low transaction fees? Have you ever considered trading on an exchange with a given dividend on an exchange? Then REGULUS crypto-currency exchange is the answer to your questions. With REGULUS crypto-currency exchange, traders don’t need to worry about the security of their funds in the exchange because the adoption of blockchain technology will help in solidifying the crypto-currency exchange. Another
There will be some other benefit enjoyed by users of REGULUS platform which includes; A functional trading apps for both Android and IOS with Secured and transparent transaction record

Another benefit of REGULUS project is their attention to security. REGULUS project understand how a secure trading platform help in reducing the probability of hacks and attacks which are too rampant in the crypto-currency exchange. The token is launched using the ETHEREUM smart contract agreement. REGULUS exchange platform provides startups, traders, and businesses the opportunity of a lifetime.

Some other benefits of REGULUS crypto-currency exchange includes rewarding users for active participation in community box, rewarding users through the lottery program, the introduction of beneficiary to recover users fund in case of any misfortune, introduction of secure wallet which gives users full control over its asset, introduction of fast support to help users in case of any difficulties.

This is an ERC20 token adopted by Regulus Project that will be used in the platform for all forms of transaction. The token will be used as reward for users and payment of dividend

To know more about REGULUS project check the links below

Website => https://regulus-exchange.io/

Whitepaper => https://regulus-exchange.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/regulus-whitepaper-1.pdf

Twitter => https://twitter.com/RegulusExchange

Telegram => https://t.me/joinchat/KKumTEW_vhlQVTiPvRR97g

Medium => https://medium.com/@regulusexchange

Bitcointalk => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5024610.0

Bitcointalk User Profile => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1328480

Bitcointalk Username => Lekatoo

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