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Mix.Rent offers customers a convenient platform for renting cars around the world.

Since 2017, our service has brought people together and helped them rent various vehicles. To date, more than 11,000 users have registered on this platform, who have registered more than 7,000 vehicles. These include cars, motorcycles, electric trains, construction equipment, yachts, bicycles and other equipment.

Mix.Rent is available in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Russia. In the near future, this platform will be presented in the Australian and Brazilian markets. The Blockchain technology and our dedicated tags greatly increase transaction reliability, simplify payments between transactional objects, and redefine trust between owners and tenants.

We will not just be an average project in this space. The mission of Mix.Rent is to become the world's leading provider of vehicle leasing, creating high-quality service for our customers and managing a business model that allows you to increase sales. Unlimited MIX Code Manager.

We are going to ICO in order to turn the business into a decentralized platform and reduce the time and cost of renting all our users, which will help us quickly expand our business. business.

Mix.Rent Solution

Because of its current organization in the rental market there are some problems. The technology provided by Mix.Rent will facilitate access to this market for small companies and car owners and allow them to earn money from their existing unused assets.
The biggest advantage of blockchain technology is that it solves the problem of the industry as a low level of trust among market participants.
What the tenant gets:

1) Solution for ensuring repayment of deposits under reasonable contracts

The platform will block the deposit and automatically return it if there are no problems with hiring. If there is a problem, the dispute is open and the platform administrator intervenes. To solve such problems, the Mix.Rent platform provides a system of intelligent contracts that will help you make money safely; MIX Tokens helps customers with the need to provide their bank details.
2) Reduced fees and faster processing of transactions using electronic payments

Using the MIX code, you can avoid problems with multiple currency conversion options and handling long payments; The token will reduce charge and improve customer service.
3) The ability to select a specific vehicle from the detailed information available on the platform

Because owners create profiles for each specific vehicle, rather than simply describing a class, customers can receive confirmed information about each vehicle and its condition and view actual photos.
4) The possibility of renting various cars around the world on one platform

Since there are many cars from all over the world available on one single website, customers can plan various combinations of rental cars and places to travel.

What does the owner get?

Convenient platform for rental income

Owners no longer need to create websites and mobile apps to start making rental income. By filling in just a few fields of information and images in an intuitive interface, you can quickly start making money, even if you only have a car.
Effective tools to attract customers

Rental companies do not have to spend money on expensive marketing campaigns to work through Mix.Rent. Simply list your vehicle information on the platform. Mix.Rent not only simplifies the work for current market players, but also gives the user the opportunity to attract more customers with less money.
System rating makes the owner more reliable

Thanks to a single rating system and rating, rental companies are becoming more reliable in the minds of customers. Customers are less afraid of losing their personal data for small companies.
The rating says more about the reliability of tenants.

Tenant ratings are designed to help owners learn more about their customers. For the first time, the owner is provided with the experience of renting and living a tenant, as well as the rental history, ratings and reviews of the previous owner. This option helps car owners to show more confidence and provide customized options to their customers based on their rank.


Official website: https://mixrent.io/
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032670.new#new

White Paper: https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mix.rent.team

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent

Telegrams: https://t.me/mixrent

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1234556

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