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ICO «TraXion»

 TraXion aims to be the best bank in a blockchain-linked environment, allowing its community to download, send, save, spend, lend, borrow, and more with a secure, simplified, but compatible application. This is an environment in which non-profit sectors work in the non-profit sectors and develop synergies with regard to activities aimed at combating corruption.

There are start-ups trying to focus on the niche and will not take advantage of economies of scale, which is one of the main advantages of traditional financial institutions that can not be so technologically advanced. TraXion plans to offer traditional financial products in a chain-based environment, ultimately turning into crypto economy for payments, peer-to-peer lending, remittances, savings, insurance, investment and philanthropy.

TraXion launched several products and services to prepare for this exciting event, involving the crowd in its mission. TraXion plans to have a significant infrastructure to the original offer of coins (ICO). To date, TraXion has built four (4) of the six elements in the proposed economies of scale:

Platform platform, Wallet, Platform for personal finance and Fundraising. These four platforms will soon appear on TraxionChain — linking people for effective payments, reducing the cost of peer-to-peer lending and remittances, transparently accounting for the philanthropic activities of non-profit organizations and providing more efficient management of insurance and investments using smart contracts,TraXion is building crypto economy, and therefore the focus will be on scaling, eliminating intermediaries and decentralizing existing systems. To achieve these goals, TraXion will offer platforms with shortcuts around the world and connect them to a distributed, authorized and secure chain. It will be used by banks, operators and agencies in key jurisdictions to process in different currencies and to facilitate cross-border transactions without the need for counterparties, and for all the players to donate in order to generate trust with the block connection.

TraXion seeks to bridge the gap between the existing financial system and emerging technologies that are harmless to the user, providing a safe and easy way to use payment systems and banking architecture, whose goal is to reduce the barriers to financial inclusion and the provision of financial services to banks and non-banks. Thanks to the planned integration with MasterCard Service Provider, we will create a purse that will allow our user to store or transfer money to any card in the world. The sender and receiver make transactions in local currency and do not need to know about cryptothermia or blocking technology.

To achieve these goals, the initial offer of coins (ICO) will be held. The offer will be a virtual currency marker, known as TraXion Token or TXN. The funds raised will be used by the TraXion team to further develop the platform, scale the business and additional benefits in projects to ensure maximum value for all its participants in the system. Part of the profit will be provided in the form of grants to selected charitable organizations in the detachment, which perform their results well at the expense of votes and the votes of the donors.


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