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Ubcoin Market is Simple and Safe

Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile marketplace for buying and selling real world
goods for cryptocurrency.
The number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase nearly 10-fold, from the
current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. The simplest way to become an
owner of cryptocurrency is by selling goods for crypto. This approach will drive mass
adoption in the coming years.
Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is around $300 billion. There is a great
demand to spend that wealth by buying real world goods for crypto.
Nearly half of all online buying and selling activity now occurs in marketplaces, while
mobile commerce will soon surpass web commerce as global smartphone penetration
reaches 37% of world’s population by 2020.
The Ubcoin Marketplace is not a greenfield project, but an extension of the Ubank
mobile app:
• A matured company, existing since 2009
• Our current product, Ubank, has over 16 million installations worldwide
• We consist of 50+ developers, top management and advisor talent
• Ubcoin will enhance and reinvent existing product value proposition
• Samsung and Fly pre-install our current product on all smartphones, sold in 10
countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including flagship Galaxy 9
The token sale seeks to raise financing to expedite development of Ethereum
blockchain-based smart contracts, of AI-based screening and KYC technology, and to
fund global expansion. Ubank app’s unique distribution model through pre-installation by
manufacturers will be scaled to new geographies.

Many people want a simple and safe way to get shares in cryptocurrency, but don't know how. They are not miners, not speculators, only individuals who see added value in investing in cryptocurrency. The number of cryptocurrency owners is projected to increase from 22 million currently to more than 200 million by 2020.
But these same people are very comfortable with buying and selling on Ebay, Amazon, WeChat, Etsy, Taobao and the like. In 2016, the market contributed 44% of the $ 2.44 trillion spent in the world online in 2016.
Cryptocurrency wallet is mainly concentrated on mobile devices, with more than 65% of mobile wallets. Global smartphone penetration is projected to reach 37% by 2020.
The global population of digital buyers will exceed 2 billion by 2020.

These four important forces join in the global mobile market where people can:
Easily become the owner of cryptocurrency by selling goods
Easily spend their cryptocurrency wealth by buying real-world goods

The global Ubcoin Marketplace, which is supported by the opening of the exchanged Ethereal and crypto UBC, enables this business with a peer-to-peer smart contract to buy and sell items:
Sellers are interested in receiving cryptocurrency for their merchandise. Utility completion + Vehicle investment = digital currency mass adoption
Buyers are aware of the benefits of cryptocurrency investment and purchasing power, but avoid pain and the risk of switching between crypto and currency currencies
Smart contracts ensure that transactions are smooth, secure, enforceable, transparent and decentralized.

Smart contract technology enables the Ubcoin Marketplace, to ensure security, execution capability, absence and verification of transactions, successfully facilitating peer to peer transactions.

Because regulations regarding digital currency acceptance in the B2C arena are growing, the market will add business sellers and buyers to the list of names. Smart contracts will replicate many existing intermediaries, value chain leeches.

The shipping economy facilitates explosive growth in the form of direct transactions from producers to consumers, which allows a much more attractive price for buyers and sellers. Make-toorder manufacturing is a much more relevant business model.

Some transactions may, in the future, require additional KYC / AML procedures for the implementation of intelligent contracts for certain types of transactions, which involve third party providers (ie shipping companies, couriers, notaries). The Ubcoin platform shows the smooth involvement of these parties.

We pay special attention to ensure the legitimacy of goods and services sold in the Ubcoin market. We develop sophisticated AI technology to help pre-screen seller posts because of the potential for potential violations, morality, security and maintenance.

Market Opportunity Analysis
Digital spending is increasing in prevalence in the world
The number of digital buyers worldwide is projected to exceed 2 billion individuals by 2020.

You can find more information about UbcoinMarket at the following link:

Website: https://ubcoin.io/
white paper: http://doc.ubcoin.io/whitepaper.pdf?v1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ubcoinmarket/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ubcoin
Telegram: https://t.me/ubcoin
Medium: https://medium.com/@ubcoin

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1917269
Eth: 0x4Fc47233411361C0c479FF6B5DB52e635394fbac

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