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BANKEX, a new financial system

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the tokenization process is almost similar but with different purposes. It is the process of transforming an asset into what is called a token, which represents a digital form using blockchain technology. In other words, it converts patrimonial rights (mostly illiquid assets) into a digital token that is supported by the asset itself, such as gold, property, etc. The tokenization process is not a new concept.
For example, individual banks issued parallel notes. Local and state governments, retailers and real estate brokers offered alternative forms of currency for trade. The reason for the tokenization process is because almost all traditional real-world financial assets like real estate, stocks, oil or gold are not liquid. These kinds of resources are fundamentally so difficult to divide or transfer physically.

large crowdfunding investments are currently limited to SEC accredited investors. Most campaigns on crowdfunding sites fail. About 60% of the campaigns are not funded at all. And many who are never able to send their product because they have underestimated the complexity or the cost in the realization of their product. Since most crowdfunding campaigns are based on premiums that are actually an anticipated price for your future product, every dollar brings with it a real short-term commitment to produce and deliver something. This usually leaves you with enough funds to cover production, but not enough to grow your business
Accelerators, which are government or private-sector programs for young and high-growth companies. They generally provide both funding and support such as mentoring, offices and training. But they are not easy to satisfy, there will be plenty of appropriate and fit tests before you can get any approval.

Angel Investors, typically wealthy individuals who have already made their fortune through other business ventures and can provide time and experience and money. They can invest on their own or as part of a network of angels. Angel financing is typically in the range of £ 100,000 to £ 500,000. Similar to the accelerator, if your idea is not bright enough, then this is not really a good option.

Another solution is ICO, Initial Coin Offering, also known as crowds token, is more or less the same as a traditional IPO as it is a way for startups to raise capital but is still an unregulated means by which start cryptocurrency fund their projects. Startup krypton companies launch a project as they ask the public to buy in their projects with Bitcoin or Etherum or fiat money in exchange for their tokens.

The team consists of those significant people who help the creator succeed in launching BANKEX. These people have given and will always give all their dedication to improving and innovating BANKEX to adapt the solutions to break the barriers in the future.
The team is divided into three (3) subgroups, ie core members, consultants and members of the technology team.

Igor Khmel is the founder of Sberbank, which is also a fintech laboratory.
Denis Khoruzhiy is a technical director and a professional in machine learning and natural language processing.
Nauris Dauksta is the founder and yet became CEO of Token.Coach
Matt Armstrong is the co-founder of the startups of various blockchains located in London. He was also the ambassador Proof of Asset.
Dmitrij Finkelstein is the person who analyzes all investments and the director of "Basis Capital".
Chris Skinner is one of the top 40 who is canonical in fintech. It is based in London, in the United Kingdom.
Nehemia Kramer is a blockchain investment advisor. He was stationed in New York, in the United States.
Sergey Sergienko is the founder of Chronobank and one of the active members of the crypto community worldwide.

Surget Korolev is a pioneer in Eastern Europe for developing commercial software.
Ivan Treytyakov is a professional whose experience shows in fintech. He is also project manager and investment advisor in FINAM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BANKEXchange
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BANKEXProtocol
Medium: https://blog.BANKEX.org/
Slack: Slack Join
Telegram: https://t.me/BANKEX
Website: http://bankex.com/

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