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Decentralized payment for the e-commerce ecosystem - ARAW platform

Data: The e-commerce sector has an estimate of $2.3 billion worth of goods purchased via online e-commerce websites in 2017. The projections has shown that the e-commerce sector will achieve about 4.48 trillion dollars by 2021.

ARAW is a network that seeks to tackle the difficulties affecting the internet store and the crypto economies sector by utilizing blockchain tech. This project offers an end-to-end solution to the e-commerce sector and also invent a payment touch crypto card, with internet payment method via cryptocurrencies.

Owners of ARAW can change their tokens into fiat money forms through ARAW portable wallets and withdraw money into their related financial balance.

With the ARAW token, customary customers can also have a share in the fast-growing digital currency world — including all collections.

The main components include the simplicity of appropriation for the customer, as remuneration plans are now normal.
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- The existing Araw platform
We are in a unique position to be in the front ranks of the omni-channel loyalty economy.

The Araw platform offers a practical solution to the problems described above, as well as the opportunity to be the practical heart of e-commerce and a combination of crypto-currency. He seeks to reward purchases by crypto-currencies, exposing ordinary people to the ARAW token. The main focus of ARAW is to provide easy access to ownership of emerging crypto-converters with a potential increase in cost - without taking into account the complexities underlying, which makes crypto-currency unattractive.

Araw offers:

— quick payment;
— micro payments;
— transparency, thanks to which, quickly and efficiently grow any system;
— attract system tokens to pay for purchases;
— unified system of rewards.

Araw Touch & Pay Card is our only solution for all gift programs that may be of interest to customers - the first of its kind in the UK. This allows customers to receive ARAW tokens with their daily purchases, as well as pay using the AREND token.


  • The Araw token can be use as a payment method when purchasing on the Araw e-commerce market place.
  • The ARAW token is programmed to adopt the security guidelines and easy access to the ERC20. The ARAW tokens are required for all transactions on the ARAW token platform and represent the reward point for all participating customers or ARAW token holders.
  • For every transaction that is made on the ARAW token platform, whether it concerns issuance, transfer or exchange, the initiator of the transaction pays a small fee for the use of the ARAW token smart contracts.
  • The growth of the decentralized community coupled with the low supply of Araw token will definitely amount to boost the value of the ARAW ecosystem.

Meet the team:

Check out the website and whitepaper to get more insight about this remarkable project:

Twitter :[https://twitter.com/arawtoken]
Bitcointalk :[https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3497194.0]

Author: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1706807]

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