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A Hard and Hot Day Of Work On Set in 2008

I would like to share with you some behind the scene images from the very first movie I "starred" in... Devils Roadtrip. A short film about a young man who just so happens to take a roadtrip with a man who turns out to be, well... the devil.

This is what the acting life is really like...

Most of the film was shot in a hot ass car in the middle of summer 2008. Let me be the first to break the news to you.. car scenes are the worst. Especially when shot in a studio in the middle of a HOT ass TEXAS summer.

There are so many lights set up around the car so that light can be balanced out and made to look relevant to the time of day, not to mention the extra lighting to bounce light and eliminate the shadows from actors faces.
Now add the fact that you can't have any other sound going on so, aside from the obvious carbon monoxide poisoning.. the vehicle needs to be off so that the sound guy/BOOM Operator only hears the dialogue of the actors and nothing else. In the image above, we set up some wireless mics inside the car so there was no "boom" mic to operate.. that lucky sonofabish got to sit his happy ass down and listen to audio from the chair. Meanwhile... I was losing weight by the minute, sweating my ass off and smoking like a chimney in between takes.
You can only imagine how hot it was inside that car.. especially when we were filming.. check this blurry pic out for an even better example of lighting.
Yea, that was aimed right at our backs with another two or three lights surrounding us.

I found myself needing a towel which was probably drenched within the first 15 minutes of filming this scene. I couldn't get out much either.. we were on a tight schedule and trying to film as fast as possible because of the rental time of the studio. I basically had to stay in the dam car as much as possible and only get out if I needed to use the restroom. I even took a speed nap in between takes..

Making a film is pretty tough and sometimes you have to grind hard just like any other job and at the end of the day... we all end up looking like this..

After A Hard Day On The Job

Might seem easy to you but this is the entertainment business.. and it's my job to bring the entertainment

Watch the preview to this short film which ran thru several different film festivals in 2009

WANGCHANGE UIA (User Issued Asset) Promotional Video

Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

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