3 года назад

30 июня - мой день рождения

Despite My Occasional Angry Moments.. Like Last Nights "Episode"

I usually manage to keep my vibe in check and on a positive level.

This past Sunday was Father's Day and as stressed as life has been lately... I really hoped the day would be an awesome day and it was.

By the way... I want to wish all the awesome and amazing Father's out there in Golos.. a very happy and Late, Fathers Day.

For the next 2 weeks.. I will be bitching and moaning about how either crappy or how incredibly awesome this Sunday turned out. 12 days later, my 34th birthday rolls around.. I honestly don't know what to expect or even if that day will awesome or not.

I just know the middle of the year celebrations are pretty dam cool and usually fun

The Countdown has started...


WangChange token holders are my current priority... well, right behind my son and his well being.. None the less, I will be getting back on track as expected. Trying not to let personal matters interfere but we all have some sort of life to maintain.

This is just a post to touch base with everybody and of course.. fill you in on what's going on in real life

Just writing this.. I feel like this might sound a little manic or depressing. bah, fuck it.. I'm gonna keep on writing anyway... you guys know how I do it..


Speaking of "unfiltered"... Some of you might question why in the hell @officialfuzzy is a big supporter and sponsor of my borderline extreme style and expression.

He understands how passionate and creative I can be...

Understands that sometimes.. steemit and even the world, needs voices and personalities like me. For the most part.. he believes in me... What I have planned to bring to steemit, bitshares and golos.. is not only game changing and very powerful messages and content. I harness the power and raw talent of film and storytelling that very few others in this world have. The best part about all this... Is my determination to expose corruption and influence the masses towards a brighter, peaceful and loving world. I know I might seem a little harsh sometimes... I have a pretty clever way with words.. If you got this far in the post.. It proves my point. Whether you like me or not, I say dope shxx and I say it with a sense of arrogance that somehow entertains that brain of yours and those synapses start to explode with positive cosmic jizz juice and leaving you wanting more...

I am @MrWang... I'm a Muthafucking Lion... Here Me Roar!

By The Way.. Come Hangout With Us On On Our Whaleshares Discord Server... "Unfiltered"

Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

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