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DAV — top project that can combine all the drones from other platforms around the world in one place, thereby making full autonomy, as well as integrating the most technological solutions.

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DAV is a progressive decentralized computer ecosystem based on interaction with autonomous, robotic mechanisms, delivery and movement vehicles. DAV is a progressive decentralized computer ecosystem based on interaction with autonomous, robotic mechanisms, means of delivery of goods and movement. With the help of a token (DAV), users can take vehicles to an arand, as well as make exchange operations inside the platform. The application of the system is unlimited, so the developers will make multiple control of one finger. Such innovations are necessary, as by 2050 the revenue of 2 trillion dollars from autonomous transport will be expelled. To date, many companies are already testing full-fledged devices, and even sign contracts for delivery in the next 2 to 4 years. To regulate the entire ecosystem, you need a single application in whose role will be DAV. As of May 2017, 461,120 recreational drones and 8,416 commercial-use aircraft with the FAA license. The two-level algorithm of the platform will allow. Open source DAV, as well as innovative features offer unprecedented opportunities for creating custom modifications.

Which modules for the design of aircraft will include a platform?


The two-level algorithm of the platform will allow you to manage the modules:

Open Source Car Control (OSCC 1) is designed to customize the firmware, under the chosen physical modification.

Apollo 2 unites the development department allowing the partners to make improvements and corrections in future designs.

DroneCode 3 is designed for open source as a download ready-made algorithm customized by professionals in the firmware of drones.

Paparazzi UAV 4 is designed for an extensive air transport system that will coordinate them, monitor in space.

ROS 5 is designed to optimize and simplify the work of robots on a wide variety of platforms.

OpenROV 6 module is designed to sell specialized equipment for submarines, as well as unmanned underwater vehicles.

Kademlia is designed to optimize transmitted commands to a peer-to-peer network, provides fast data transfer for communicating the operator with drones.

Also a full ecosystem will be created as in the usual world, which will provide: storage, transportation, control, as well as a system of repair kits and modules. All these services will be possible thanks to the DAV token.

To whom the DAV network is aimed?

Each user of the platform will be identified, it will allow to provide services for insurance, sale, programming, development and training of other users. The noncommissioning platform, as well as smart contracts, will allow to connect all users. In order to eliminate manipulation, innovative concepts will be applied: a public archive, as well as a complete lack of manipulation of historical data. By combining decentralized smart contracts, as well as a centralized archive, it will be possible to create a full-fledged algorithm that is protected from burglary and completely transparent. Distinctive feature will be the ability of vehicles to help each other and automatically on the prepared algorithms recharging, maintenance, and so on. This is the main idea of ​​DAV - to create a modular ecosystem in which each module will interact with the rest through an artificial intelligence.

Double algorithm for programming drones for smart contracts


The drones will have a dual algorithm that will be responsible for complex and simple tasks. Simple tasks are designed to move from point A to point B. To the exact same is the exact weight of the cargo, just the number of people, how much is enough to recharge. AI will automatically calculate all the needs, as well as the range, the interaction of the dimensions of the drone with the real world. If for some reason the drone fails to execute the algorithm and its algorithm lacks movement, it will return back. You can also do looping actions, and if there are additional conditions, the drone changes its algorithm.

Applying the DAV token

The token will be used for various types of tasks. Predominantly the interaction of people with drones, but also the system can provide an on-line use of the token, when, in the performance of some task, the drone receives them as confirmation of the correct actions for their work. Smart contracts related to ERC 20 will allow you to fully integrate the system into other platforms and allow you to interact with the payment of other drones.

My mark

The project will be the top one, as it will link all other projects for the regions. I was also very impressed by such a vast application of various modules on the platform. All these factors will allow the project to receive a very large profit. A map of drones will be a very big advantage, as it will show the effectiveness of work in the regions. The project is supported by world corporations, all of whom are expert in the project team without exception. I think that the project will be relevant all the time, as 2020 will be a turning point for all mankind.

The road map will be completed in Q3 2019

Team & Advisor

31, as well as 1000 developers in different parts of the earth

Official Web Page https://dav.network/
• White Paper https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf
• Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DAVNetworkTeam
• Twitter https://twitter.com/DavNetwork
• Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/FT-BwUPXX5lM-NjBf4m79w

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