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Yumerium — top platform for creating games, combining the best departments of the development team, as well as giving users and players opportunity to earn money up to 33 +% of the developer’s profit in tokens


Hello dear friends, today I want to touch on the topic of interaction of gamers and game creators on one platform. To date, players and game makers have multiple problems: it takes too long to wait for developers to start making a game in accordance with the players’ opinion, as well as there is no separate currency that can be used as a developer’s profit, which is not taxed allowing players to earn without investments. All these problems will be solved by the Yumerium project. The current game realities are such that the model of P2P interaction is outdated — players do not want to pay for the games, because the realities of the game do not correspond to the users’ desire. In most cases, players do not have money for premium items and gaming equipment, which give an advantage over opponents. To help users make money, you need to create a new economic model of interaction with developers, in which they help the project to develop virtual money and spend it on game items, or transfer to traditional currencies, for earnings without investments, unprecedented amounts. In a nutshell will create a platform for: pentest, encouraging players for achievements in games and work, as well as a completely new concept of interaction between different departments of developers through smart contracts.


A new algorithm encouraging users when buying games, will make pirating more irrelevant. Advantages of the smartcontract system:

No commissions , instant and fully automatic payments without a third party.

Transparent data on the circulation of copies purchased, and exclusive editions.

Possibility of making a profit on the secondary market without paying taxes.

Creation of special incentives for top players showing top statistics, without manipulating data on the development servers.

Opportunity to earn tokens participating in top tournaments.

Additional opportunity to earn, distributing only true information about the project, with instantly updated statics without delay.


The main difference from Yumerium’s competitors is the adaptive smart contracts, which will improve as the whole network is updated.


Limited copies of the game will be sold through a special algorithm through smartcontracts. The same system can be applied to the refrain codes, when the user leaves the link and people go over it, he can buy the game for free. SDK Yumerium will collect the same financing in new gaming projects. It will be enough just to specify personal data: players, developers, data of wallets and the system will automatically do everything for a person.


By combining streamers, players, and creators of the game, can achieve maximum productivity, in which everyone can earn doing what he likes. Now if you are an avid player can leave work and earn money at home playing your favorite game. The core of blockhain will make opportunities for functional earnings between players and developers 50 by 50%, giving the ability to cyclically transmit tokens from one side to the other. Everything will be completely transparent and each side will see where it is necessary to improve the quality of future work, for a stable and maximum result.


The project will merge with top studios, which will have a game development department, VR, as well as an economic department stimulating users to additionally purchase tokens for speculation. Top partners are guaranteed to have ready technological solutions tested for more than 15 years, they ready-made schemes in their presence, thanks to which it will be possible to create an ecosystem of the project in the shortest possible time.


Technical information


Total number of tokens 633,813,700.

I think the Yumerium will be one of the best future gaming platforms, giving up to 33% of the profit of project developers to ordinary interested users.

Website: http://www.yumerium.com
Whitepapper: http://www.yumerium.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram Group: https://t.me/kryll_io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kryll_io
Facebook: https://facebook.com/kryll.io
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2791849.0

Author: novikov433
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1043836

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