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ICO market is nowadays pretty similar to the Wild West during the gold rush period. It is possible to earn money very quickly, sometimes even good money, but you have to find a perfect spot, or in this case, a good project to invest. Common thing to the Wild West? No guaranties and almost no law. It is pretty easy to find bad cowboys which are going to promise you golden mountains to steal your last piece of bread. So in all this mess, if you want to find your gold nugget, you can trust just your own brain composites.

After my research, I found this project in which I really put my faith: BGX. Very likely you haven’t heard about them, project is made by great team members. Nevertheless, guys have an advantage, many other teams does not: already existing product made on a very perspective field. But these are not all pluses I found in this project. Below you can read the analysis and decide on your own, do you want to send some pennies to the pot.

BGX is a multifunctional processing platform in the field of mobile games, powered by artificial intelligence. Possessing significant functionality and modern architecture, BGX provides financial support and brings the power of the crypto economy into the world of mobile games. BGX offers game de-velopers, local and niche application stores, sponsors and players integrated ecosystem support in which the distribution of profits is managed in a transparent, decentralized way, and individual participants do not monopolize access to information. The proposed solution is the synergy of efforts between three groups of developers who have united in BGX and have been developing their own technology solutions for several years. These include the developers of financial processing systems, developers of research projects in the field of artificial intelligence, and mobile content delivery systems developers.

BGX has many objectives for their platform which include having mobile applications for both Android and IOS. The majority of mobile gamers are using these platforms, and so by releasing the games on both, it opens up to a larger market. BGX also wants to have a smooth payment processing system that will be able to process fiat and cryptocurrency transactions efficiently. BGX understands that cryptocurrency is new and may be hard for gamers to understand right off the bat, and so they are creating user-friendly implementations like the independent processing system.

Monetization will be key for the developers since it will be their main income source, and important for the players if they are rewarded for watching ads etc and so BGX plans on building easily integrated plans. Highscores lists and achievements can be easily messed up in the traditional system and so BGX is designing an AI control to keep accurate data to make sure the experienced gamers are rewarded. Developers will want a separate system and so BGX plans to create this, which will help make the accounting easier for the developers when they are receiving or sending tokens.


It uses advanced self-learning artificial intelligence fuzzy network that elimi-nates fraud.

The off-chain hybrid approach to processing transactions enables the BGX platform to process more than 4,000 transactions per second, at a speed and capacity far superior to the Ethereum blockchain.

The double-token system separates the interests of the investors and the us-ers, so that the investors can benefit from significant rise in token price, while the econ -omy remains stable through a stable coin.

The revenue sharing club enables BGX token holders to share in the revenue of the platform, while the tiered system incentivizes holding of the token, raising its price.

BGX is an open-sourced, truly decentralized project. At the same time, it is a technology — not a protocol.

BGX offers one of the most advanced technological infrastructures with powerful processing capabilities, a set of financial and game features, all for one of the most technologically-adaptive and profitable industries — mobile games.


BGX is a comprehensive solution that supports mobile game features and combines the capabilities of blockchain technology with advanced AI neural networks. Game developers and app markets get built-in support for their games, access to different monetization models, distribution to millions of players, and fees of less than 10%. Players get a chance to earn on the platform and exchange their tokens both between games and into real money. The platform is open-sourced, protected from crypto-volatility, has the speed and capacity far superior to the Ethereum blockchain, and enables all to share in its revenues.


BGX Wallet – It’s a virtual wallet with built-in support for BGX and BGT currencies. Works as a client of a platform node, as well as a client of fiat systems when buying tokens for fiat money;

SDK — A specialized component included in the games that enables interaction with the functionality of BGX nodes without resorting to a wallet.

BGX is implemented as a decentralized platform, consisting of several components that interact with each other over the Internet using a specialized protocol for data synchronization.

A distribution system for gaming applications on Android and iOS;

Independent processing of fiat and crypto transaction, including support for overdraft;

A virtual player payment wallet;

A subsystem for token emission by developers;

Support for common monetization models;

A powerful engine of artificial intelligence that controls the ongoing transactions and scoring of the players.


Token: BGX

Platform: Ethereum

Type: ERC20

PreICO Price: 1 BGX = 0.07 USD

Price in ICO: 1 BGX = 0.1 USD

Bonus:Pre-Sale: 30 %

Crowdsale First 48 hrs: 25 %

Crowdsale Days 3-7: 15 %

Crowdsale Days 8-14: 10 %

Investment Info

Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat

Distributed in ICO: 50 %

Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 50,000,000 USD


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

The BGX mission is to make an AI-Powered processing platform opened up by game abilities to democratize the multi-billion mobile games industry. Be a part of this tremendous project and follow these links for more information;

Website: https://bgx.ai/

WhitePaper: https://bgx.ai/documents/BGX_White_Paper_1.0.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2671591

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BGXGlobal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BGXWorld/

Telegram: https://t.me/bgx_group

Medium: https://medium.com/@bgxglobal

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/27242603/



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