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THE COLLECTIVE MAGNUS - The World's First Robotics and A.I. Automation Token

Blockchain technology is a transparent digital transaction book and records that are immune to modification or deletion. Offering additional features of increased security, cost reduction, time efficiency and error tolerance, the chain-chain grew, fluctuated in 2017. The utility of blockchain technology is unlimited, triggering an increase in the list of companies, industries and government studying its potential adoption. A blockchain is an immutable public book that records digital transactions.


Magnus has been created to define the universe of Robotics and A.I. automation for organizations. It is also the World's first Dual Token Robotics and A.I. ICO built on two platforms - Ethereum and NEO. Magnus is the first truly decentralized network of intelligent A.I. agents, Robots, Sensors, hardware and humans creating a global market for knowledge, skills and processing power.

Cognitive collaboration and collaboration between Artificial Intelligence, Robot, Humans, Sensor Networks and distributed hardware built on smart Ethereum contracts. Magnus started a new era of business, technology, and thought. The Magnus Era brings with it fundamental changes in how intelligent systems are built and interacted with each other. Magnus's main goal is to make people smarter, better machines, cheaper and faster robots, and better AI by ensuring collaboration with other agents on the Magnus Collective network.

In addition Magnus will have its own independent bot agent called "Sentry Bots" which will ensure that malicious agents get out of the Magnus network. Sentry Bots will use whitelist and blacklist to maintain reputation and efficiency in Magnus network.

Magnus will be able to negotiate and transact with other block blocks or network networks without future blocks in the future using a gateway called Portal. Portals will ensure that even if Magnus does not gain leadership in terms of networking - Magnus will never become obsolete or outdated. This portal will translate negotiations and requests between different networks and open Magnus to all external


Current technologies and business landscapes are ripe for networks like Magnus because of 5 growth drivers who have used steroids over the last decade.

Artificial intelligence revenue based on world market area 2015-2024.

In the next decade, the global artificial intelligence market is estimated to be worth more than $ 3 trillion. And according to PWC, AI will contribute as much as $ 15.7 trillion to the world economy in the next decade.

To give some context it's more than the current output of some of the world's largest economies. AI is expected to disrupt and revoke existing ways of doing business, transportation and working definition as well.

A report from the Harvard Business Review found that although HE has been used sporadically in various sectors, the opportunity to change the game has not occurred. The greatest opportunity will only be tapped when AI can work together, harnessing the power of each other across different geographies, verticals, and usage cases.

Human collaboration with AI (Robot)

AI innovation has accelerated in recent years - a key driver of growth is low-cost computing and access to large data sets. Artificial intelligence, signal processing, and machine learning have driven many common technologies today, ranging from search engines, voice assisted assistants, and even online ad targeting. Creating a combined cognitive platform is already happening - this is not a research project in a college laboratory - and it's accelerating faster in the past decade.

Up to now smart people are those who receive the highest score by making the smallest number of errors. AI will change the fundamental logic because there is no human way to outsmart, such as the new Google AI engine or IBM Watson platform.

So we see an era of augmentation in which humans must work with AI to produce tangible results. Smart machines can process, store, and remember information faster and better than us humans. In addition, AI can match patterns faster and generate a wider array of alternatives than we can. AI can even learn faster. In the age of the smart machine, our old definition of what makes someone smart does not make sense.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain, known as Bitcoin, has proven that by combining a peer-to-peer network with a cryptographic algorithm, a group of agents can agree on a particular situation and record the agreement without the need for a control authority. By combining Blockchain with other systems such as robotic robotic systems or AI pools, groups can work together independently, flexibly, securely, and smoothly.

Blockchain technology shows that a combination of peer-to-peer networks with cryptographic algorithms allows a group of agents to reach agreement and record a safe, verifiable non-centralized agreement. Due to its decentralized nature and key principles such as safety and fault tolerance, Blockchain technology is particularly useful in combination with new areas of Robotics Swarms, AI bundles and IOT hubs.

To maximize success, Magnus Collective's economic logic must enable the purchase and sale of all services and utilize the discovery process. And make sure all actors have easy access and no friction to the collective. Economic logic is defined so for the following purposes:

Access is open, global and unlicensed to different actors.

Verification and discovery of services.

Goodwill generation.

Bridging and crossing different networks and blockchains.

Token Magnus is designed to achieve this goal. It ensures free and non-discriminatory access from the start and centralizes the value created by the collective. There is a mechanism for inflation incentives. To check out the service, support 2 years of robotic and popular platform rental and appreciate good faith in the network.

Magnus Token is revived after careful consideration and long consideration. We have been thinking about coding economic logic rather than developing an economic logic that drives rapid growth. If we can not find a token that meets all unique tokens - collective requirements can collapse - and fail to achieve its objectives.

The result of our careful analysis is that only the original Magnus Collective Token can optimize the desired target. To create markets that facilitate transactions, secure access to the world, and drive growth, we need a genuine token tailored to the Robotics, AI, and IOT markets. And we decided to order our tokens with the Robotics platform - especially the Smart Robot Top Table platform.

Token Sales Phase

This goes through the following stages

Pre-ICO: Stage with a 60% Bonus. 2 weeks.

Main-ICO 0: Phase with 40% bonus. 48 hours.

Main-ICO 1: Phase with 30% bonus. 1 week.

Main-ICO 2: Phase with 20% bonus. 1 week.

Main-ICO 3: Phase with 10% bonus. 1 week.

Main-ICO 4: Phase with 5% bonus. 1 week.

Unsold tokens will be burned after ICO


Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.


Team seems to be the strongest part of this project. It consists of innovative and talented people. Of course I cannot complain if we talk about their professional level, guys indeed are experts on their field.

Be a part of this tremendous project and follow these links for more information;

Website: https://0xmagnus.Io/

Whitepaper: https://Www.Dropbox.Com/S/A4zuf7277ekpofu/Magnuscollectiveoptimised.Pdf?Dl=0

Annthread: https://Bitcointalk.Org/Index.Php?Topic=3261405.0

Facebook: https://Www.Facebook.Com/Magnuscollective

Twitter: http://Www.Twitter.Com/0xmagnus

Linkedin: https://Www.Linkedin.Com/Company/Magnus-Collective?Trk=Ppro_Cprof

Github: https://Github.Com/Adi1001/Magnuscollective

Reddit: https://Www.Reddit.Com/R/Themagnuscollective/

Telegram: https://T.Me/Magnuscollective





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