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Azbit ICO - Blockchain Investment Banking

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO rating

Azbit ICO - Azbit is developed to fulfill the needs of individuals World Health Organization want to use cryptocurrencies. By victimization this platform, you're able to save the cryptocurrency a bit like once you are saving your cash in a very bank. The distinction is that you just may also use it at once like to shop for some online product or services, transfer to your friends, trade, and plenty of additional from your personal crypto pocketbook account.

You can conjointly invest the cryptocurrencies and exchange it at the proper time. Azbit can offer you the exchange market further because of the latest info concerning cryptocurrency investment. the purpose is that the platform will be used for any reasonable money activities within the virtual era.

Vision and Mission of Azbit

Azbit is attempting to form positive that folks will use cryptocurrencies within the comfiest approach. The platform is facilitating individuals to avoid wasting their cryptocurrencies and use it a bit like what they require. The developer desires to form a multifunction finance platform wherever the users get additional advantages from it.

Due to that, Azbit is on the brink to be the leader of the finance platform, particularly within the virtual currencies. It hopes that the platform is in a position to accommodate all cryptocurrencies and prepare the newest info concerning the exchange marketplace for those that need to take a position their cryptocurrency for a refund within the future.

Platform of Azbit

Azbit uses many platforms and it'll be developed consistent with the requirements of the users. Now, the service has some primary platforms to support the system. for instance, Azbit encompasses a virtual pocketbook or usually apprehend as a crypto pocketbook. a bit like the name, the performance of this platform is to stay the cryptocurrencies. the simplest half is that the crypto pocketbook will do over a standard pocketbook.

Azbit is developed to be an area not solely to stay cryptocurrencies however conjointly to run it into a brand new finance mechanism. the particular platforms like Azbit banking, investment platform, a banking industry, and secure identification platform area unit the platforms that support the money mechanism.

Azbit ICO

Features of Azbit

Banking Structure
In this side, our aims to fulfill the requirements of blockchain businesses for ancient banking services and order payment process, whereas totally yielding with European banking legislation.

A Multi-Cryptocurrency Exchange
At the core of the project is our own multi-cryptocurrency exchange, with support for security token commercialism. Our team already has the expertise of making such a service — the Bitsane crypto-fiat commercialism platform, that has been with success operative and growing since 2016.

Investment Platform
Investment platforms area unit one among the key options of our project. winning traders, operating severally or in cooperation with funds, are going to be able to originate investment accounts and lift funding. Investors, in turn, are going to be able to analyze the activity and gain of those accounts and thereby create investment selections with additional confidence.

Algorithmic Commercialism
Algorithmic commercialism can enable users to jot down commercialism bots employing an inbuilt scripting language. this may alter automation of commercialism methods of virtually any level of complexness. Users can severally be able to produce programs to perform autonomous commercialism on the exchange employing a set algorithmic rule. In the future, the bots can support a big volume of dealing.

Algo Market
The algo market may be a special online marketplace for commercialism bots, scripts, and market indicators. Users are going to be able to purchase and sell off-the-peg commercialism bots. Developers are going to be able to earn cash from making algorithms, whereas investors are going to be able to receive a continuing passive financial gain by buying algorithms already developed.

White Label
Private label and API access can enable developers to integrate Azbit infrastructure services as well as wallets, electronic payments and investment product directly into their applications.

Crypto-Fiat Payment Process
Our e-payment system can offer support and process for all online and cryptocurrency payments and provide extra services like the instant exchange, p2p debt platform, cryptocurrency portfolio-backed P2P loaning.

Multicurrency Crypto Pocketbook
Our crypto pocketbook performs can use the bank's infrastructure for cold storage of funds with bank-grade security on offline servers in a very separate secure building happiness to the bank establishment. The crypto wallets will be accessible as a complete product for the B2B market.

Share trade and Replica Trade Accounts
SquareTrade/CopyTrade accounts, or copy commercialism, involve automatic repetition of the commercialism methods of winning cryptocurrency traders. Accounts with similar options have long been employed in ancient forex markets, and stay in style as a commercialism tool. Until now, no existing crypto exchange has offered inbuilt implementation of them.

Share Trade Accounts
SquareTrade accounts area unit just like PAMM accounts, that area unit wide employed in ancient money markets like forex markets. we are going to provide a full vary of ShareTrade account options, supported our own investment platform and crypto exchange.

Portfolio Management Accounts
In addition to ShareTrade accounts, our platform will provide Portfolio Management. A currency portfolio may be a terribly easy approach for traders and investors to earn along.

Advantages of Azbit

Azbit is developed as a multifunction cryptocurrency platform, therefore, you'll use it for any reasonable money activities. it's not solely the place wherever you'll keep your cash however conjointly the place to extend the worth of the quality within the higher level through investment. You don’t have to be compelled to worry to take a position the cryptocurrency as a result of the platform supports you with the suggested exchange markets and it works for all sorts of cryptocurrencies. you'll conjointly earn a bonus from 100 percent to half-hour if you purchase the AZ tokens and it's conjointly a motivating a part of victimization cryptocurrency and Azbit.


Azbit platform may be a project that has the power to conduct any money transactions with the value expressed each in cryptocurrency and rescript. The platform’s multicurrency billfold supports all promising kinds of tokens and world currency. comfy interface, an outsized vary of skilled tools, favorable conditions for commercialism and finance can permit investors to receive extra financial gain.

The project has already become a reliable partner for several traders and investors. within the future, the creators square measure getting to bring Azbit to the global level. The funds attracted throughout the ICO are going to be invested with within the technical development of the project, promoting the campaign and to hide current expenses. each capitalist, monger, and user will simply use the platform on any device, because of the high level of adaptation of the platform to existing operative systems.

Azbit ICO Token

Detail: Azbit ICO Token
Token AZ
Price 1 AZ = 0.00012 USD
Bounty Available
MVP/Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Hard cap 28,901,376 USD
Country Switzerland
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas Canada, Singapore, Burma, Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Сongo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe
Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO Team

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO

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Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO Roadmap

Azbit ICO

Azbit ICO


Azbit ICO

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