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Cryptocurrency loans are accessible with Neluns!

Whole specter of banking services

What is better crypto or banking? The more people you will ask, the more different questions you will get. In the same time, I need to underline that most of respondents, who spoke positively about banking, have no experience in cryptocurrency, they have heard about BTC only and they do not understand, why blockchain is popular in our day. However, these people are majority and they have huge impact on the current economical state of our planet, but they do not use the whole specter of opportunities. To make them do so, we need to create the solution, which would be as much as convenient as banking, but more profitable in the terms of use. Nelnus, which is now passing through the development stage, seems to be the right solution.

You may hear about peer to peer loans, since they are becoming very widespread investment opportunity. In the blockchain world, development of P2P credits is almost impossible, because there is no solution that would be capable of controlling of the entire process and guarantying safety of fund of all the participating parties. Project creators tell about trustless mechanisms, but when you read the Neluns White Paper you clearly understand and that trustless mechanisms should be part of solution, not the solution itself. Even when both parties are verified, but the person, who took a loan, do not want to pay the debt, smart contracts will not help you, because they have no juridical power. If we want blockchain solutions to provide full specter of banking services and for the cryptos to become as much widespread as fiat money, we need to build an ecosystem. That is why I would all of you to join Neluns project and help to develop it.

Business paradise

It is time to tell you that I am an entrepreneur, who sometimes need to loan money for my business to develop. I may not use credit funds at all, but they help me to implement technologies, which are able to increase profits any time I want it. I can ensure you that current situation on cryptocurrency market is terrible just because money does not work. Most of tokens are held by people, who wait for the price to grow, so they loose a lot, because market falls down pretty stably.

Neluns offer an option of investment in loans. There are a lot of entrepreneurs, who are ready to take loan in cryptocurrency and a lot of people, who need their tokens to work and to make profit. Neluns will be the perfect place for them to meet each other and help each other.

For example, when ETH drops by 2% every day, you will be able to cover your loses by short term loan, which will be given by you on the same terms. If ETH will continue to grow, you will get even more profits. Neluns team will take care about all the formal questions, so you will have reliable way to make your money work. I am waiting for your offer on Neluns!

Website : https://neluns.io/
WhitePaper : https://neluns.io/static/ver165/whitepaper/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram : http://t.me/TheNelunsChat
FB :https://www.facebook.com/Neluns/
TW : https://twitter.com/TheNeluns

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1351292

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