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🎤Recently, a very interesting project appeared on the cryptocurrency market, the name of which is voice. For a month this project has a bra good popularity and I think it is worth paying attention to this project. Of course, it is worth noting that the project is already existing, and in honor of his birthday made a bounty program in order to attract users.

Voice is an Anonymous decentralization platform that is featured on the most modern blockchain technology with its personalized sign.

🎤Why the blockchain? The answer to this question is very simple. We All know that blockchain technology has certain advantages :

1.One of the main advantages of blockchain is that at the moment it is one of the most modern and progressive technologies of the future on the market, as well as cryptocurrencies.

2 This technology continues to evolve rapidly and thanks to it's network technology landscape platform.

This platform numbers on Smart-contracts ecosystem, on Ethereum cryptocurrency .Voice is an innovative cryptocurrency that works for the music industry and allows Montserrat to work on the P2P trading platform. Artists who use this platform can set a price for their work, provide free Trek samples and ask for a node to the real cel music and platform users.

🎤It is worth explaining how this platform works:

The content artist downloads 

When the album is politely uploaded to the Glow platform, all the music Parts through our P2P network.

Users see the laid out music

The platform is recommended the appropriate content for that particular user,that is the user will be poker music that he is really interested in.

The payment Token voice

The user boards a Token vote , and transact immediately to win all thanks to the blockchain.

Artists who publicly receive their content almost 100% of income

Politely receive transactions directly from the user without any middlemen or Commission. The main goal of the voice team is to create a platform that will not be for both artists and users . The platform, a poster on the Ethereum Protocol, will serve Elm both(meaning politely and slate) and thanks to the use of Smart contract and automation goes very LG buying and selling inside this platform and beyond.

Unlike other similar platforms, voice includes a simple but effective cymbal interface that allows users to easily view and listen to music just as they do on conventional music platforms. Support for multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies Fi makes the platform even more do for the common users.

🎤Here's what the team says about their project: “We are poem one and decentralizing the platform using blockchain technology and personalizing the token based on the ecosystem and Ethereum's smart-contracts to make trades on the platform. We prize that the high consumer base in the music industry unfortunately still knows nothing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, so we plane to accept Fiat currencies in the future in order to attract more users as well as their interest in totem cryptocurrencies.We will also accept Fiat Walt, but we will definitely give privileges to those users and the artist who accept cryptocurrency as a payment method, because we want to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. At the current level of development, this platform also works as a wallet. This means that you can either transfer your funds to buy the result and content by paying twice the amount of gas, and that is, instead of two transactions you easily covers one del and the required amount will easily go directly politely, it will only require access to your wallet and making a transaction ru. This system can be improved in the future and we are open to questions and suggestions from our users. The platform is getting better and better as the number of users, content and deals grows, and we are getting even more feedback every day.”

Voice will be a platform for the flow of music to which artists will be able to upload their music, while independently setting their price .In addition, users of the platform will be able to pervert satisfied by paying his Tokens voice - VSM.

🎤To the voice web Page:

Official site of the project: https://www.voise.com/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/voisecom

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/voisecomm/

Telegram - https://t.me/voisecom

ANN BITCOINTALK.org - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1846376.0

Technical description - https://voise.com/whitepaper-voise.pdf 

🎤Article wrote - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;y=1618122

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