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🎷How the VOISE project uses blockchain technology🎷

Voice: selection of blockchain technology, Ethereum Protocol, as well as a sign as a means of exchange  

  Voice is an Anonymous, decentralized, people-oriented Musical flow platform. She is a poster for the power of the Ethereum Protocol and the maple fails system (OPZ). Transactions on the Platform are mostly processed using their own voice - cryptocurrency tokens based on ERC20.  

✔ Why blockchain  

Blockchain technology is the future of the economy and taking into account the advantages of various criteria and blockchain technology contributes to the fact that Oracle is not stat in development from the rapidly changing technological process. The choice of platform, the blockchain is used for different purposes. Starting with the ability to increase automation through smart contracts and ending with providing an additional level of security along with a certain stepan of anonymity for users on the platform. A supported CPU block decentralizing call network is used to host all content to further enhance security and privacy.

The implementation of blockchain technology comes with the action of krypton - this is a voice sign that is used for all transactions occurring on the platform. Using cryptocurrency as a method of exchange, the platform easily overcomes geographical and technical barriers that inhibit the use of Plate storage repair solutions around the world. Although voice supports Fiat payments, support for multiple cryptocurrency payments is a priority. Support for crypt such as Bitcoin, ether, voice allows users in any part of the world to own, buy, download and listen to music on the platform.  

✔ Ethereum system and smart contracts

Epoch voice poster on Ethereum Protocol-the most favorable blockchain environment for creating decentralized applications. Smart contracts is a technology development revolution that allows you to create development contracts that are required under Snowden certain conditions. These intellectual contract paved the way for increased automation on the platform-block. The same is used by voice as well as for keeping records of Muscat and their album owner, track. The smart contract plays the role of WA in ensuring the proper distribution of income between Muscat, whose paths have been share by users. If paths have been created by multiple authors, then the intellectual voice contract provides an automatic distribution of income among all members of the authors group according to the ordered percentages. For example, if an album is sold by a three-person group, a smart-contract platform can split and separately distribute revenue to all members of the group at any percentage intended for each person. Radio Dao Penn voice function, also intelligent realist contract to evaluate the votes received for each Trek.  

✔ Maple system fails  

Until recently, online-all content was stored on a separate server or on several pre-defined server in Blake. But this method had its drawbacks. The chance of getting data that were companies or even Ukraine hackers and burst, in this case is high. Maple system fails (NPF) is a distribution and bleach storage facility in which network users add power from their computers as well as space to the est disk for data storage. The Protocol of the SCR ensures that the files stored in Blake, Ruslan will be encrypted and saved to disk, the Guest participating in a computer network. These files can only be obtained by using the Paul command. Even if someone skirt one of the participating computers, all that will be found is Breasts, Sara files that are over hotels are useless.  The music, Author on voice, will be smart-contract indexing as a hash that is constant, non-record on the main block-cap. Hash is the ownership of the track. That is, a person who buys a track or album, will be able to access it at any time, without signing up for any service, but only paying a monthly fee. The system of the SCR protects the contents of software and illegal downloading or access by the government or hackers.    

✔ Distribution of the marker on the platform 

Voice voice lectures are the primary means of data exchange on the decentralized voice music flow platform. Toner voice, no one on the ERC20 Ethereum marker standard, can be used by users to purchase music satisfied. Sign voice can be conditionally against Fiat, Nov and other cryptomnesia supported exchanges and trading platforms where you have a marker. Snack voice can easily be stored on the user's device using a personal wallet for PC, sometimes with an ERC20 web Cole such as MyEtherWallet or on the voice chat platform in their recordings. All transactions are recorded in a voice block-cap and can be easily proven using the voice block. Unlike other music patch platforms, voice does not charge a monthly fee for users to access music. Any purchase made by a user on the voice platform, can be accessed at any time.  With the token already exactly on the bee platform, token rendezvous can also do this with other cryptocurrencies to make profits or sell them by getting the equivalent value in value.

 Pro Thanks to, the porch model, which really enhances the value of existing industry standards, the voice platform demonstrate the huge potential that the community of cryptocurrency systems is printing. Snack voice currently, the accuracy on the five major markets, and they actively sold lenses community. In the first days of the launch, marker made a profit, and during the first three months of trading the price increased 10 times. It is expected that the Token price of voice is even more dice in the near future. And the voice team is working to get the sign that is on all the leading cryptocurrency platforms to make them available to everyone. 

 ✔Internet voice Pages:

Official site of the project: https://www.voise.com/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/voisecom

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/voisecomm/

Telegram - https://t.me/voisecom

ANN BITCOINTALK.org - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1846376.0

Technical description - https://voise.com/whitepaper-voise.pdf 

Article wrote - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;y=1618122

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