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7 лет назад

Auction Finds: Come Join Me In The Kitchen

Vintage kitchen related equipment and accessories are by far one of the most popular categories of collectibles. This is not surprising as in our unbelievably fast paced lives, seeing constant reminders of our youth, and a time when life was a little slower, soothes our souls. And we need all the soul soothing we can lay our hands on!!! 

 This beautiful distressed old white enamel colander can be used, but also makes a fantastic decor piece. 



 An unusually patterned ceramic jug. 

 Corningware and pyrex glass are evergreen, and they last forever! 



 Vintage kitchen scales. 


 These charming vintage china pieces were promotional items made by Five Roses Tea, though I don't exactly know how the promotion worked. 

 This is one of my most popular sellers. It is called a Snackle Iron and is used to make shaped fried dough confectionery. I sold this one for R220 ($16,50), but I've seen them sell for even more. 

 This tin possibly doesn't quite fall into the kitchenalia category, but it can be used in the kitchen! 


 A c1970's retro kitsch decorative pot holder, made in Hong Kong. 

 Vintage glassware, still in its original packaging. 

 Bean slicers are another very popular selling item I have noticed the prices they achieve have been steadily rising over the years. I sold this one for R120 ($9). 

 Thank you for reading! Please follow me @onetree 

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