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Greek Supreme Court Rejects Extradition Appeal by BTC-e’s Alexander Vinnik

In Athens, the Greek Supreme Court rejected the appeal in connection with the extradition of the United States by Alexander Winnick, the alleged BTC-A operator. It is now clear to the Greek minister of justice whether or not the US authorities on the extradition of the Russian citizen

The Extradition of Vinnik

The Supreme Court in Greece has ruled that Alexander Schinkel can be changed as American criminal officials, where he is accused of making a $ 4 billion money laundering operation. Americans claim that Vinyl was the BTC-A Bitcoin's main operator of the exchange, denying one more two accusations.
In addition to Money Laundering, Vinic has committed several crimes in 2011 due to being accused in the United States, including drug trafficking and hacking. He has accused the transaction of a huge amount of "obtained" interchange bitcoin from Mount Hack. Gox If convicted, he can spend up to 55 years in a US prison.

Russia Wants Vinnik Back

Russia first opposed the extradition of Vinic and opposed the United States on the basis that it violated international law. Their motherland also demands that they be fired, allegedly charged for stealing 600,000 rubles (about $ 10,500). Vinyl and his lawyers have also agreed to return them to Russia.

"The Supreme Court's verdict was expected, an appeal has been made on the appeal of the Court of Thistlonics. The lawyer has said that there will be more opportunities for legal work now." Vinyl, Timofy Musatov, Russian news agency Sputnik today

Musatov warned that this is an example where "any citizen of the world can be arrested at any time on false allegations at any time, in which there is no fact, but only proposals".

source https://news.bitcoin.com/greek-supreme-court-rejects-extradition-appeal-by-btc-es-alexander-vinnik/

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