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Bovet's Récital 22 Grand Récital brings home pined for "Aiguille d'Or"

The Bovet Récital 22 Grand Récital won the current year's desired "Aiguille d'Or"

Swiss watchmaker Bovet's Récital 22 Grand Récital wristwatch has brought home the "Aiguille d'Or" Grand Prix from the eighteenth Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG). Introduced by French performing artist Edouard Baer at the Théâtre du Léman in Geneva, the pined for Haute Horlogerie grant for the "most elite" beat the rundown of 17 noteworthy prize classifications that praise the best level of Swiss watchmaking.

Established in 2001, the GPHG was set up by the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the Musée International de l'Horlogerie/International Museum of Horology (MIH) in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Geneva Laboratory of Horology and Microengineering (Timelab), and the Edipresse assemble as a method for advancing Swiss watchmaking and keeping up its norms of innovativeness and magnificence. Every year in November, a universal jury chooses the victors in 17 classifications, including the "Aiguille d'Or," or the Hand of Gold, for the general champ.

This year, the Aiguille d'Or" went to the Récital 22 Grand Récital, which isn't that quite a bit of an unexpected given its striking mix of craftsmanship and perkiness. The Haute Horlogerie timepiece planned by Bovet proprietor Pascal Raffy highlights a tellurium-orrery that demonstrates the move between the Earth, Sun, and Moon, with a flying tourbillon filling the role of the Sun.

Made in a restricted release of 60 units evaluated at US$469,800 for the red gold variant and US$502,200 for the platinum, the Récital 22 Grand Récital, is, no doubt, a driven fantastic complexity with its three-dimensional Sun, interminable date-book, layered Earth with hand-painted subtle elements, and smaller than normal Moon that circles the Earth in unequivocally 29.53 days – precisely comparable to the Moon's synodic period.

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